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Editor's note!!

I blinked and it has been three weeks since Elder Jorgensen's blog has been updated.  I do apologize. I will update chronologically, so the first you see is the latest from last week.  Thank you to all who keep looking at the blog.

Editor Dad.

11 10 14

Hey guys!!!
So, first of all, Elder Jessen is GREAT!!!!!!! We have so much fun together! He is definitely one of my favorite companions, up there with Cooper and Goff. Don't get me wrong, I've loved all of my companions, but there haven't been that many that I can just be myself and have fun with. We stay up talking until like midnight every night and we are laughing all day. We laugh so hard we almost cry pretty much every day! It's not really anything big, but just little things every day that we get a kick out of. He is a freaking hick,
his graduating class had 40 people in it, but he ran track and cross country.... He has just been having a hard time thus far out in the field.
Mom, as far as the package goes, I need some more of that lotion if that would be acceptable.
We had a meeting with the Stake President last night and he wanted to know what's going on in our area, apparently it has been doing better than it has ever done, so that was cool.
Alright one story from how well Elder Jessen and I get along. So on Saturday we played ultimate frisbee, and Elder Jessen sprained his ankle awhile ago so he hasn't been to active, but we played, for almost 3 hours. So yesterday he was SORE!!! And I walked up as many stairs as i could:)
And then we had to finish some weekly planning, which we usually do at the church, but he didn't want to walk all the way over there, so I made him do 50 squats so that we could stay at home:) It was FANTASTIC I was laughing at him the whole time and then he finished and was just not very happy but we both laughed about it. He also has never kissed a woman, 4 of my 7 comps now have not kissed a girl...
Ok one more story actually!!!! So our members have a little white dog that came from hell I swear, it is obnoxious and dumb and poops everywhere and barks at everything
and is a very needy creature. He likes to go in our room and get into our garbage. So Eddie (the dog) did that one day, and I may or may not have been tense already, so when i saw that he had made a mess of our room, I grabbed my companion's nerf bow
and chased the dog around the house for 10 minutes shooting him with it! Curiously, now every time he sees me, he barks even more!
Stake conference was this weekend, and guess who I saw? None other than my favorite man ever, Jose Salazar! It was good to be able to see him again, he is going to get the Melchezidek Priesthood soon and I am stoked for him!!

 11 4 14

Hey guys!!
So... Transfers happened! Elder Peterson left to go be a zone leader in Tualatin, which is HILARIOUS because the whole 6 weeks we were companions, I was telling him he was gonna go into leadership. To take it to the next level, friday night, the night before we got transfer calls, I had a DREAM that Petey was going into the upper echelons!! I woke up and told him, and he was not happy at all. And calls didn't come freaking like all day long, and we did service all day to help stay distracted, so we had gotten back and I was showering, I got out of the shower, was walking to our bedroom and Elder Peterson stops me and hands me the phone. I look down and it's President Ballard on the line. As I started talking to him he told me that he was giving me my new companion because he's had a rocky start to his mission and Pres wants me to work him hard, help him have fun, and help him realize that this was the right decision. At transfers yesterday President told me that I "am one of his work horses"
and he knows he can trust me to get the job done. But back to Saturday, I was ok with it, and at the same time part of me was nervous because out of my 7 comps, this is only my second who is younger than me time wise in the mish. His name is Elder Jessen, he's from.... yep, Utah, and he came out the same time that Elder Soriano did. He barely turned 19 and he is a hick. That's ok though, one of his good friends is also one of my good friends who reminds me of Jonah a lot (the 2 of us together are SUPER immature and just laugh about very childish things sometimes... but mom you can still be proud of me because I am immature!)

Petey and I saw a miracle happen on Thursday, I'm just gonna copy and paste from my email to pres..
Miracle. The beginning of this week was kind of slow, and we weren't finding as much as we had set goals to do. On Thursday morning in our companionship prayer, I asked that that day we would be able to give away a Book of Mormon to someone who would receive it well. As we were walking to our Halloween Party that night we talked to a homeless man
who was going through some hardships and gratefully accepted the Book of Mormon from us. What made it such a miracle was we almost went to the Ward party a lot sooner than we did and if we would have I don't think we would have met JJJJ.
Other than that, we had a pretty cool Halloween party on Thursday night, we took some good pics.

It's been awhile, so here's some pics! I love you guys have a good week! let me know if I missed anything! 

10 27 14 

Hey President!
Companion. I feel like I say the same things about Elder Peterson every week but he is a hard working, good, solid missionary. He is always up for the crazy ideas I have and always willing to try something new, and to go out and work. This week we really made sure we focused on being out of bed by 630
and not wasting time on FB. It has helped us increase in the Spirit tremendously. Elder Peterson is such a good example to me about the areas in missionary work that I need to improve, such as nightly planning, goal setting, weekly planning

Area. This week was kind of slow. What we need now is to get some of our new investigators progressing. The ward is more than willing to help us out, our only problem is getting stuff for them to help us with. We have an XX year old who wants to be baptized, named Hoooby Joooby, the only problem is getting his guardians approval. His parents are on drugs and in prison, and his guardians are parents of the friends and not necessarily fans of the Church. His only contact is the Church is his grandma, but she is a very strong willed and able lady so we are confident that she will be able to get it done.

Miracle. Our miracles took place yesterday night from 8-9. At 730 we knocked on one of our less active's door, and he was sick. After that we had some other less actives planned, or even some planning to do, but I did NOT feel like doing either of those things! So I told Elder Peterson, and we prayed about it. We both felt very strongly like we needed to be in the Southern part of our area, in downtown Hillsboro. We walked to the place I was thinking of, and nothing happened. At that point I thought it was just a trial run to see if we'd follow it. However, as we kept walking, we passed a tram station, and Elder Peterson felt like we should sit down on a bench. Alright. We waited for about 10 minutes, and just as we were getting ready to leave, we saw a guy walking on the other side of the street from the right, and a couple from the left. I talked to the guy first. His name is DDDD and he had moved from New Mexico 4 weeeks ago, he went to our Church for a few years when he was younger, but he said he would like to talk to us... the only problem is that he lives outside of our area... He is however a Spanish Speaker, so I was wondering what you felt about that. We talked to him for about 20 minutes, which was great, and then we went and talked to the couple, who also spoke Spanish. One of them had to go on the tram but the other, VVVV, talked to us for a good 30 minutes and asked all the right questions. Sadly, we had not restocked on Books of Mormon... but we got his contact info. So, after he left, both Elder Peterson and I were stoked out of our minds, and it was 9, so we started our 30 minute walk home. A few minutes later, as we rounded a corner, we ran into one of our potential investigators who was just coming back from studying for a test, and he wants to have us over for dinner next week. His name is abby gabby. Soo... Elder Peterson and I can't figure out what we prayed for yesterday, but we're happy we did.

Personal. I'm not going to lie, towards the end of the week I was feeling super trunky. I missed sports, I missed girls, I missed my friends
, and I just wanted to be home. Saturday night and Sunday morning were freaking hard to make it through. However, because being trunky is not something I'm a fan of, on Saturday night before I went to bed I started a fast to be able to focus more and be distracted less. By yesterday I evening I was feeling a lot better (probably due to our miracles that God gave us) and even this morning I was just excited to be a missionary. I love fasting, it really calls down blessings from heaven.

Studies..... This week in studies as I was reading in the first Book of Nephi it really just stood out to me how Laman and Lemuel had so many opportunities to pray and receive a witness for themselves if what they were hearing was true. Prayer makes the difference in our own lives as well in those of our investigators.

Excchange. On Thursday evening we started our second exchange with Glencoe. I went there with Elder McMahan to GLencoe and Elder Tanner came here. I learned a lot from Elder McMahan about the importance of planning and we worked hard that day.

Elder Jorgensen

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