Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey guys!
So the craziest thing that happened this week was that I interpreted a dream of a recent convert/less active. The story goes a little something like this. When she got baptized 8 months ago, she said she had a dream wherein she saw the missionaries walking around in her complex, and she knew that they were messengers from God. So she listened to everything they said and got baptized. Well, a little over a month ago, she had another dream, where she saw Elder Bair and Tuten, (Tuten was here before I was with bair,) in a room, but then she saw some other doors representing other churches, and chose the catholic church, and then she said the doors of our church closed on her. So there's not much we could do there.
This week, when we saw her, however, the dream had changed; This time she told us that in her dream she had seen a Book of Mormon and a Bible placed on a table, had felt like she could only choose one, and so she chose the Bible and later when she tried to come to our church, the doors were closed and everything was dark. All of the sudden my mouth opened and the next think I was doing, I was asking her why she had chosen the Bible, and explained to her that a testimony of our Church, or even just of Christ, can't be adequately sustained just with the BIble. Both the Book of Mormon and the Bible are needed.
Maybe even more miraculously, she understood what I was saying! Usually she is very hard to teach but she understood that perfectly! So that was just a cool little experience I guess.
What else is new? Not much really... except for FREAK guys I've only got 12 weeks left. That smacked me in the face this weekend, getting calls and finding out that Bair was leaving... It was hard to see him go and even harder for me to realize that I only have one more transfer call. As much as I have complained and as hard as some of my areas have been, I have loved my mission, and part of me doesn't want it to end. Coop also went home today... that was freaking weird, let me just say. I was not a fan of that.
We get to see Elder Holland this week! He is coming to speak to the Mission on Saturday! He's gonna freaking singe everybody's eyebrows off!
The area is going good. We set 2 baptismal dates last week. One of them is with a 15 year old kid named VVVVV He is super legit. We found him a few weeks ago, and it reminds me almost exactly of what happened when we taught Eric. We started teaching just Eric, and then slowly integrated his family. Tonight we are going to go play soccer with VVVV and his dad. I'm pumped. There is another cool young couple named LLLL and SSSS and they both recognize and feel the Spirit very well, they wanna know more! The other investigator with a baptismal date is QQQQ, she is 19 and our problem with her is that her mom doesn't want her talking to us... but we're working on it!
Wes way to go man on not letting that deacon be a punk!
anyways.. all of those plans sound good. Elder Bair's family wants to come to Oregon too... maybe, if you wanted, you could email them and tell them some of our plans and then maybe we could hang out at the coast or something together!
I love you guys! the pics are of bair and I, and the 2 spanish zones playing soccer last week... Talk to you guys later!
Alright well do I have some stories to tell this week!! Should I start off with the spiritual one or the funny one... I'm gonna go with spiritual because if I go funny first the spiritual one might get shafted....
So we did 2 exchanges this week. One was tuesday to wednesday, and the other was wednesday to thursday, back to back. On Tuesday I left and went to Hillsboro with a new missionary, and then on Wednesday I was here in Beaverton with an Elder from Portland. His name is Elder Gregory, he got to Portland (which is a pretty slow, hard area) when I got to Tigard, he was trained by Elder Goff, and came out right after Soriano. he is a farmer hick kid from somewhere in Utah...
and anyways since we've served around each other we've become pretty close. When I was his district leader, calling people every night, he was always very open and willing to ask for help. There have even been a couple of times this transfer when he's been having a rough time and has called me because he said that's what he felt like he should do after he prayed. Anyways, those are all unnecessary details, but the point is we know each other pretty well and we did this exchange because he called and asked if we could.
So anyways it was around 4 on Wednesday (this exchange had started at 2 after district meeting), and we were just leaving the library, we had been doing some online teaching on FB. As we were leaving, a man stopped us and asked us for money, explaining his story which I don't remember a lot of, but their house was getting fumigated that night and they needed a place to stay. Anyways, I've been asked by people quite a few times for money, and he seemed pretty legit. But, when he asked, deep down I really just didn't want to give him any. Elder Gregory pulled out his wallet and gave the man $7. As we were walking away, I felt ashamed for being so selfish. I remembered what President Eyring had said in Conference about helping others,
and silently said a prayer asking Heavenly Father that driving away from the library I would be able to see him again to give him some money. As we exited the parking lot my prayer was answered, I pulled over, got my wallet, and went to give him $3, but a 5 came out with it, so I gave him 8. Elder Gregory told me that the same thing had happened to him, he had only meant to give him $2, but the 5 came out. I felt better afterwards. Now here is the cool part. For dinner that night, a lady had signed up to feed us, and she didn't have any males in the house, so she just gave us $20 for the two of us. Curiously, she had 2 friends over, each of whom decided they each wanted to give us $5.... so we were up to $30. Elder Gregory had never had Sushi before, and here they do Sushi restaurants that just have like little samplers on a conveyor belt, and different colored plates are different prices. So we walk into the place, sit down, and start eating a few plates. There was no one else inside. About halfway through our time there, the cashier came and told us that someone had put $10 towards our bill. That was all we spent, so we got a free dinner. And the whole time I knew why this was all happening... it was because of the man we had helped. So although nothing huge, I feel like that was just a soft little reminder that God is watching over me.
Ok story time.  (edited for content :)  for details, please ask Elder Jorgensen in person anytime after July14 ;)
mom as to your questions about being a zone leader on sundays... there are 3 sets of spanish missionaries attached to our group, so the 3 of us cover the stake. we are an appendage of the Beaverton ward, but are in charge of the group. so no,thankfully no other meetings... the extra meetings are 2 district meetings every week instead of just 1, and MLC (mission leadership council) every month.
anyways... I love you guys! Have a good week! 
Ferzulis also got baptized!!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hey Peeps!!
Well... I'm just going to start off by asking if anyone else noticed a huge get married theme for young adults of ??....That was kind of weird... but definitely hit on a lot... Bair and I both decided that we are exempt to that counsel and that we are too immature to get married... anyways... so... yeah... I've become a girl-phobe on my mission...
I don't know how to talk to one without saying, "Hey, I'm your missionary in the area..." sooo... bair and I are gonna be hermits abt BYU:D
However, in obedience (selective obedience) to the counsel given yesterday to prepare to be a father... Both bair and I let a 3 yr old nina put nail polish on our fingernails... it was removable... but it was purple and blue and green and pink... 
And, for my vent session for the day, we have a family of recent converts who got into the church as a result of their 18 year old son, he converted when he lived in montana... well now, 6 months later, he's freaking drinking and doing stupid stuff with chicks, just this week he got piercings in his ear, he never wants to talk to us and HOLY COW I'm trying my hardest not to rage at him. The other day at is house we found a corona cap that was from him... obviously I know we need to love him and be patient with him, but its just frustrating for me because I want to help him but the only way I can think of to do that would be bold and straightforward... which would make him mad... In the perfect world, afterwards there would be the chance to calm him down and help him improve... the whole bring someone down in order to bring them higher aspect...
The ankle brace is working fine. I played ultimate frisbee last week in the morning and the week before, no brace, ran 4 miles.... It's still kinda swollen, I kinda tweaked it again this week chasing elder Bair around trying to put a flower in his hair... but it's all good.
The training went pretty well. I guess. No one said otherwise...
Alright... well that's about it for me... I'm loving the area, it's kind of frustrating because there are so many hispanics, and we set up a ton of lessons every week, but they all freaking cancel!!!!!
That is my rant! 

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