Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hey Peeps!!
Well... I'm just going to start off by asking if anyone else noticed a huge get married theme for young adults of ??....That was kind of weird... but definitely hit on a lot... Bair and I both decided that we are exempt to that counsel and that we are too immature to get married... anyways... so... yeah... I've become a girl-phobe on my mission...
I don't know how to talk to one without saying, "Hey, I'm your missionary in the area..." sooo... bair and I are gonna be hermits abt BYU:D
However, in obedience (selective obedience) to the counsel given yesterday to prepare to be a father... Both bair and I let a 3 yr old nina put nail polish on our fingernails... it was removable... but it was purple and blue and green and pink... 
And, for my vent session for the day, we have a family of recent converts who got into the church as a result of their 18 year old son, he converted when he lived in montana... well now, 6 months later, he's freaking drinking and doing stupid stuff with chicks, just this week he got piercings in his ear, he never wants to talk to us and HOLY COW I'm trying my hardest not to rage at him. The other day at is house we found a corona cap that was from him... obviously I know we need to love him and be patient with him, but its just frustrating for me because I want to help him but the only way I can think of to do that would be bold and straightforward... which would make him mad... In the perfect world, afterwards there would be the chance to calm him down and help him improve... the whole bring someone down in order to bring them higher aspect...
The ankle brace is working fine. I played ultimate frisbee last week in the morning and the week before, no brace, ran 4 miles.... It's still kinda swollen, I kinda tweaked it again this week chasing elder Bair around trying to put a flower in his hair... but it's all good.
The training went pretty well. I guess. No one said otherwise...
Alright... well that's about it for me... I'm loving the area, it's kind of frustrating because there are so many hispanics, and we set up a ton of lessons every week, but they all freaking cancel!!!!!
That is my rant! 

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