Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hey peeps!!
Sooo.... this week was pretty good. On Monday we had a super cool experience. So there is a family of recent converts, one of whom is 18 and just got back from a vacation to mexico. And supposedly since he's been back, he's been acting worse towards us since he came back But every time we teach them, we teach their whole family. And we needed a lesson with just him. So we prayed for a way to be able to teach just him, and Monday night when we went to teach his family, at like 7, everyone in his whole family had fallen asleep, except for him. So we just got to talk to him and see how he was, it was a spiritual lesson and a cool miracle.
We also found a lot of new investigators this week. Out of all the Spanish areas in the mission, this one is probably the best as far as population of hispanics goes. Everywhere we go there are just a plethora of hispanics, so finding isn't hard, but both Elder Bair and I are kind of tired of talking to people who don't care,
so we are just freaking praying for the golden investigators! Fetch.
Uuuummm as far as Elder Bair goes, I like him a lot, he is a hard worker but he isn't a robot, he's just a good comp to have.  We did get new ipads like a month ago... The zone conference training will be march 31st, I think I told you but bair and I are assigned to talk about teaching simply and asking inspired questions.... which is super broad and back to basics so again any advice/thoughts/experiences would be appreciated... we don't wanna give a boring training and practice...
not really a lot else happening... Wes you better write me this week! OH and you guys are sending me an ankle brace right? I know this is knitpicky of me but could you try to get it to me by the end of the week? next week we are playing capture the flag and I'm gonna get it approved to play by my physical therapist this week...:)
freak guys I don't know what else to tell you... we were driving today and some dude freaking almost changed lanes right into our car. that was stupid.
Ok guys... sorry... I don't really have any updates to give this week... another week down!
Have a good one! I love ya!
Elder Travis Jorgensen!

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