Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hey guys!!!
So, I'm not gonna lie, this week was one of the most painful weeks of my life! My ankle HURTS!!! House arrest was rough but I made it through...
So friday morning comes along, and I woke up, tried to stand up, and my ankle hurt BAD! I straight couldn't put any weight on it so I had to elevate it and warm it up for like 30 minutes... anyways... that was not really a good start to my day because it was supposed to be my first day being able to be back, and there was a part of me, ever so small, that wanted to use the pain in my ankle as an excuse to stay in another day... when I prayed that morning, it was pretty intense, I was just feeling out of it for all sorts of reasons, so my prayer that morning was like a 20 minute vent session. And I didn't see an angel nor hear any voices of thunder, but after I did that, I got up from my knees, and felt better. I felt understood. I haven't had a prayer like that in awhile, but it was a testimony builder that God listens to us.
And then, I had a doctor's appt yesterday, and the very first thing the doctor said when he saw it was, "that looks broken, have you had it xrayed? yes? well, I want you to get another one." so I got some more, and they said they would get the results to me last night, but they never ever did, so I was loosing my mind last night afraid of what would happen if it was broken (see below). this morning I finally called them and asked, and they told me that everything was good, so that was a relief.
Thank you for your prayers and words of counsel last week, I could feel them keeping me sane. Dad, that talk by Elder Christofferson is one of my favorites. Speaking of talks, I found a couple more BYU devos that I would appreciate if you could send to me... they are
our identity and our destiny
achieving your full potential
I forget who they are by but if you need more than that let me know.
We also got a temple trip this week, in the celestial room I read Mosiah 4:11-12 and they hit me pretty hard! I like them a lot!
Alright guys! I love you! sorry this is short but not much happened this week! Have a good week wes keep killing it in soccer!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen!

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