Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It sounds like you guys had an eventful week!!! So did I!!!! So much happened that I can't freaking even remember it all... so hopefully in some way or another I get it all in.
I'll start of with Thanksgiving... it was freaking DOPE!!!!!!!!! We had a Turkey Bowl in the morning, but because I'm a Spanish Missionary serving with a bunch of Mexicans, WE PLAYED A SOCCER GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! It was freaking legit!!!
We played with most of the youth of the ward, and a couple of their dads came too, AND LLLL and his dad came!!! We played for 2 hours and I just had so much freaking fun!!! I got to run, I got to be competitive and push people around (which I still do when we play other sports... but like in basketball for instance people get a little madder....) and LLLL and his dad had a great time, and I am just happy to be a missionary!!!!! We weren't supposed to do any proselyting on Thursday, so Coop and I went with another set of missionaries to eat lunch at Denny's!!! And then for dinner, LLLL's family had us over, and his mom cooked some delicious ham, chicken, and pasta!!! We chilled at LLLL's  house for almost 2 hours, then we went and finished the night with the Granados family! I don't know if I have told you about them before... Hermana Granados is pretty much like our ward mom. She is our go to any time we need a member present for a lesson or a ride for an investigator to Church, she helps us out! It was at her house that we made the video... it was her idea... I didn't know if you'd see it or not mom but I figured it wouldn't hurt to say how awesome you are!!!!
What else has happened... OH on Tuesday night, the lady who was going to feed us dinner forgot about it, and felt super bad. Usually when that happens we just eat in the apartment. But not Tuesday! She called us and said she wanted to give us money to go eat somewhere... we were thinking it would be enough for like McDonald's or something like that... but she gave us SIXTY DOLLARS!!!!! For four of us!!!!! And she said she wanted us to spend it all!!!!!!!! We went to a Mexican restaurant and just had a good time!!! Being a Stateside missionary definitely has it's perks sometimes... and I am extremely grateful.
The other highlight of the week is LLLL's BAPTISM!!!!! What a good way for Cooper and I to end our companionship!!!!
It was AWESOME!!!!!! I got to baptize him and as I put my right arm to the Square I just felt power flowing through me... Its an addictive feeling and I want some more!!!! I want more I tell you, more!!!!! The baptism was great, LLLL had a lot of his friends come, the Ward showed some pretty good support, his parents were there and I'm pretty sure they felt the Spirit.
I'm also pretty sure that LLLL and his family are a reason, if not THE reason, that I got sent here when I got sent here. We found him my first transfer here, and if I would have gotten here at any other time, I wouldn't have been assigned to this area, nor would I have had the privilege of getting to know LLLL and his family.
Morrison (that's my new comp, he only has 4 months in the mission left, he is 20 and from Utah) and I taught LLLL's family last night, and they want to know more!!! And LLLL was saying he might want to serve a mission now!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I love being a missionary!!!!! I just love it. Its kinda hard sometimes but I know looking back that I won't remember any of the hard times... just the successes that come from praying and working hard!!!
So the scoop on my new comp... I already told you the basics... I don't really know him that well yet... this companionship will definitely be different than the ones I had with Cooper, that is for sure. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for example the first thing Elder Morrison started doing when we got home last night was rearranging the apartment... which I am ok with, its just different. I don't think we will have many problems getting along... we taught pretty well yesterday for not having anything planned... I am excited for this transfer, Elder Morrison and I are going to tear Beaverton West apart!!!!
The other thing that is new as of yesterday is that yesterday I drove a car for the first time in 18 weeks!!!!!!
yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Its a little more touchy than my beaut I left at home...
but, I'm still alive and so is my companion!!! Alright guys, until next week, eso es todo!! I love you guys and I can't wait to talk with y'all!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen 

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