Monday, May 19, 2014

Editor's NOTE:
We didn't post last week as it was Mother's Day and his email was brief as our awesome skype convo was LONG! WOO HOO!, so here is the latest post, 19 May 2013.
Hey guys!!! 
Thanks for the birthday wishes...
although i am not going to lie I'm not looking forward to this bday that much... I have been the only 18 year old in the zone recently and I have kind of enjoyed it...  I don't know part of me just felt like it would never come.
Anywho moving on.... No I'm not out in Sandy. Still chillin here in Milwaukie but there is a good chance I'll move somewhere next transfer... this one is a short one it is only 5 weeks. And then a week after that President Morby leaves...
WEIRD! He has done some great things with this mission and I will miss him...
Oh before I forget yesterday at Church Bro Webb saw me and the first thing he said was "you have some outstanding parents"
to which I told him I know and I am a pretty lucky kid:) AND some people who have been emailing me lately who have also been keeping up on the blog say you guys are doing a really god job with it so thank you! I imagine it probably takes awhile to do but I appreciate it!
Ok storytime!! As far as the work goes not much happened this week it was kind of slow... but I have some funny experiences to share! The first one comes from Wednesday... I think. I don't really remember the day... anyways Elder Warenski and I were coming here to the Church to do some facebooking... usually there is a couch we sit on and just do it on our ipads... well on Wed when we went to go sit on it we found it occupied . HOW she was occupying it is the amusing part... She was laying face down, passed out, and snoring like I've heard no one snore since I have been edited! She was out! So Elder Warenski and I looked at each other both thinking the same thought... picture time!!
We took it and I have it... but my camera is at home so I'll try to send it next week! So we did that, did some fb, and during fb someone was setting up for some activity later that night and they had Studio C hooked up to the audio system in the whole building!! We had to leave because I knew the episodes they were playing and it was NOT making it easy for me to focus!
Story #2... We haven't been able to teach WWW and his family (the ones with 7 kids) in awhile so yesterday when we went out to Sandy we made a point of stopping by them... We knocked on the door, and finally after a few minutes someone opened up. Who it was I couldn't tell you. But I did see WWW in the background with a few Corona's which would explain why the guy who answered the door was looking at us kind of crosseyed and wobbling so hard he could barely stand. Guy was PLASTERED! He looked at us, tried to mumble a thank you, and then shut the door! Needless to say... THAT KIND OF IRRITATED ME!!!!! I REALLY wanted to knock it again, I kept thinking to myself "there is no way that just happened" but in the end I realized if WWW was drunk it was probably the best way things could turn out.
We did have one pretty intense lesson happen. It was with MMMM the 17 year old we found awhile ago, the one who I just randomly felt like sharing my story with our first lesson together and it paid off... I have been feeling lately like I should ask him why he keeps letting us come back because we usually see him a couple times a week. His response was kind of the opposite of what we were hoping for... he said he would feel rude if he didn't... so we bore some strong testimony about the importance of him knowing for himself if this was something God wanted him to do...
he told us he would read so we will see what happens. I think that's the first time I've honestly understood what people mean when they say it's heartbreaking when people don't keep their commitments... I really hope he reads!
Ok I gotta go guys!!.
I love you guys!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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