Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey Peeps!
Well... this week was a good week! On Saturday I got to go on an exchange with... my papi Elder Cooper.
It was GREAT. I LOVED it. It was weird being back with him again, it felt like old times, but that companionship is definitely some of the best memories of my mission.
It was a pretty good week this week. We found 9 new investigators (new personal high for a week), AND had THREE investigators in Church yesterday!!!
I haven't had that many people in Church since I was teaching Eric's Family! 2 of them were  FFFF and his mom,YYYY , FFFF is the one who went on Trek... Things are going really well with YYYY. We taught her a 2 hour lesson about the plan of Salvation last night. She felt the Spirit, I could tell. She told us she has seen a change in her life since we started teaching her. I wanted to give her a baptismal date but it didn't quite work out... That's ok. In Church she signed up to feed us dinner on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm freaking excited about that, I'm gonna get to eat some good authentic Mexi food, it's been awhile!
ummm.... not much else is happening. Hopefully things get moving and we get some people progressing, that is what we need more than anything else is a couple of baptisms.
Sorry I know I keep sending you guys short ones... but I gotta go!!! I love you!
Elder Travis Jorgensen
 Hey guys!!...
This week was slow. To answer your questions... no we don't still have a baptismal date. We are still working with FFFF and his mom... but no baptismal dates thus far:( Ummm... I have a feeling that this week we are going to do a LOT of tracting.
We have quite a few investigators who we can pass by and who sometimes will let us in, but almost no one who really wants to learn or will keep their commitments. And to be frankly honest, I am tired of wasting my time on people who don't care or don't want to try to understand.
 I'm ready to go find the Salazar family of this area... I'm probably going to have to knock every door to find them but I don't care, I really just have been feeling this week like we need to find some new people to teach.
Elder Soriano is doing pretty well.  He kind of in some aspects reminds me of the greenie from the Best Two Years. But that's ok.
Sorry I took so long to get this to you guys... we just played soccer for most of the day and DANG it is hot!! But that's ok, it was fun.
Ok I think that's all, love you guys! Ill write you guys a good one next week hopefully with some cool finding stories!

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