Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Here is the latest in week 3! We think he looks good, but we are biased.  Just a bit of background as we did not update week 2:  For those that DON"T know, Travis can be, well, slightly competitive.  In week two he engaged in a "friendly" grape juice drinking competition.  the crowning event is listed below.

First off, as per usual, allos me to start off with a story about a grape juice drinking contest.
Grape juice is only here on Tuesdays, so that in an of itself makes Tuesday at lunch the time when competition happens. After having watched my record destroyed, I took a week to nurse my injured pride and plan my victory. So Tuesday approached... and lunch came... and I undertook the daunting task that is drinking 17 cups of grape juice. After drinking 10, I was in a world of hurt, but when have I ever been one to back down from a challenge? So, after a break of a few minutes, I set my sights on cup number 11, and chugged it with much speed. Coincidentally, right after I had finished that glass, my stomach decided it had had enough. I have puked enough times to know when it's time, and boy oh boy I didn't feel so good. We eat right next to the door, so I went out the door, walked down the stairs, and waited about 10 seconds before spewing forth pure purple from my mouth. The other guys in the district were dying of laughter. So I went back in with my tail between my legs, because the rule was established that should one puke while attempting to break a record, they voided all of their downed cups. And then someone asked me if I was going to drink more, and I asked if it would count, and Elder Mecham, the record holder, informed me that it would. With renewed enthusiasm I drank 5 more cups... by the end of the 5th I wasn't feeling so well. But there's MORE. The 5th, or 17th, cup, I drank outside, slowly so as not to puke, because by the time I got that far once again I was not feeling well. So as I downed the last contents of that cup, I triumphantly raised it up in the air because I had conquered the grape juice challenge, and reportedly I was staggering a little bit. And when I turned around, who was right there staring at me but the MTC President, President Pratt. He asked me if I was pretending to be the Statue of Liberty, and my exact response was, ''Nope, I just beat the vino challenge.'' He looked at me kinda strangely, gave me a thumbs up, and walked away. Now, why is my exact response important to the theme of the story?? The real way to say grape juice in Spanish is ''jugo de uva''... juice of grape. But vino is just SO much faster, no? The only problem with that is that Vino translates to.... wine:D Which we knew, but like I said... jugo de uva takes too much work to say. So swaying like a drunken fool, I told President Pratt that I had just beat the wine challenge... However I was still allowed to go to the Temple today and I haven't been called into his office yet so I think I will survive..:D
I don't just spend my time drinking grape juice, lots of Spiritual things happen too. The other day we were practice teaching people from another District and the guy who taught me shared with me 2 Neph 4:30 and it just talks about how God is the Rock of our Salvation...  which I've heard before it is just nice to be able to take this time and develop my relationship with Him. And 1 Neph 17:50-51 which says if it was God's will Nephi could have turned the oceans into dry ground, so building a ship wasn't gonna be a problem. I took that and applied it to myself and said God can help me learn to teach people in Spanish, easy. Like I said I went to the Temple today, I´ll send some pics, and though it was in Spanish I could understand most of it and I took my Patriarchial blessing and read it in the Celestial room... that was powerful.

 He is adjusting to the food and the surroundings.  One of the elders in his district does not think running is a sport, but Travis is willing to overlook and move on.

So, till next week...

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