Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can you believe it?! I've already been out here a transfer!! Time is flying!!!! I swear these 6 weeks have flown by faster than my first week in Mexico!! What the what!?! Where is time going!!!

So Elder Cooper and I have finally got some work going. This last week we got 4 new investigators, we had 2 come to Church, and total we taught about 10 lessons. Now, for some missions that isn't very high, XXX told me in one of his emails awhile ago that they teach about 30 lessons a week, which BLOWS MY MIND, because this last week is the best week we've had so far.
Anyways, I like being this busy. So, remember YYYY and ZZZZ?? The paisa Bible bashers?? We are slowly making progress with them. They swear they will never change, but they keep having us back because they like the Spirit that we bring. In fact one time our lesson plan was to teach the Restoration.. (it was weird spelling that in English... like REALLY weird),
and we started off by telling them that, and YYYY was like "Yeah, because that's what's important, to know where the Book of Mormon came from." Our lessons with them still take FOREVER, in fact we have developed a strategy now that if we have a second lesson that day, we try to get it like an hour and a half after theirs, otherwise we stay there for 2 hours without fail. YYYY has straight up admitted that the Book of Mormon is inspired of God too, and that Joseph Smith was a man called of God... but somehow he still says the Bible is the only scripture we need and that Joseph Smith was just a common man... freaking weird.
ZZZZ has actually started reading the Book of Mormon by herself, which is significant. In like 3 days she'd made it to 2nd Nephi 4... AND that woman is freaking crazy. Straight up paisa. One of the days we were teaching them a lesson this week, I saw this big ole NASTAY spider crawlin on her couch... Like dad if you make a circle with your thumb and index finger, it was still bigger than that! So it's just crawlin on her couch... mosyin towards Elder Cooper. He finally noticed it when it was like 2 feet away from him, and it kinda scared him, and it was scaring me. So YYYY looks at it then at us like we are scared little children, and straight up SMACKS IT WITH HER HAND!! This woman is 84 years old and sometimes I am afraid she will keel over and die on us in lessons just because she is so old!! and yet she freaking smacks this thing, grabs it, goes outside to the patio to get it off her hands, and comes back in and sits down like nothing happened!! WHAT?! Cooper and I just stared at her in awe for a little bit... ugh thinking about it still gives me the heebeeteegeebees.

We also had another small miracle happen on like Wednesday. Wednesday we were super busy, (for us) we had like 3 lessons in a row. So for our third one we had to pick up a member because it was a woman with no other males in the house. Our go to for members present is  recent convert named HHHH. He is our go to because he is freaking 20, and yet he still lives at home with no job, and doesn't go to school. He basically sits around all day hoping we come get him, and we do most days. So on Wednesday we showed up at his house to get him, and his family was a mess. I'm talking people were crying, swearing, I heard a few death threats, and HHHH was the one who started it. I won't go into details, that family has been through a lot and the point is that the Spirit that we needed HHHH to bring to this lesson... he didn't have it. So I was stressing out because we REALLY needed this lesson to go well, it was our first one with her. So, as we were driving to her house, she called us and asked if we could move the appointment to the next day, because she had to help a friend with something. I honestly don't think I have ever been so relieved in my life. So we took HHHH to a quiet place, and helped him make some goals as to how he can start improving his life... and he seems to have been doing better.
Speaking of HHHH... that is one prideful hispanic!! We were talking about sports... and I don't know how, but somehow it turned into HHHH thinking he is faster than me!!  So, I asked him, "HHHH, why do you think you are faster than me?" "Well, there's a lot of reasons." "Like what?" "Well I mean obviously... I'm short... and I'm Mexican... so that's a couple of winners right there." And he was SERIOUS too!!!! DEAD serious!!! So... I challenged him to a race. And beat him... in church clothes:) I probably shouldn't be proud of that, but.... after some soul searching... yeah I definitely am.

Oh.. another interesting tidbit... I ATE A HABANERO!!!! Of my own free will and volition, I ate one!! I actually don't even remember how it ended up happening... We ate dinner at a member's house awhile ago and they just straight had tons in their fridge, and I took one as a keepsake... and it just called to me to man up and eat it... so I did. Elder Cooper took a video... he said actually it didn't seem like it was that bad... but that doesn't mean I am going to eat another one!!!

The only other thing I can think of really is that I am changing... like in the fact that I love learning about the Gospel. I wish we got more personal study time every day... I NEVER thought I would be that kid... EVER!! But... lo and behold... it's happening.

That's about it I think. Elder Cooper and I are getting along pretty well... The whole companionship thing is still kinda weird. There are definitely inspired forces behind Missionary work because I don't know of too many other programs that strap together COMPLETE STRANGERS and makes them spend ALL OF THEIR TIME together... and gets success out of it. Definitely still getting used to that though. But it's a good thing because I'm learning a lot about myself and the changes I need to make to be more Christlike...
good stuff.
Wesley doesn't look the same as he did when I left... that pic of him and our family pic were some of my favorites you guys sent me!! And I'll be honest I don't know what I want for Christmas yet... I haven't really thought about it that much. Ties are always cool....
 however, they must be approved by my diddly wack mack mormon daddy Wesley. I'll think about that more...
Alright guys thanks for the updates, I love you!! Have a good week!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

Madre... I hear Wes is creepin up on you... sounds like you are soon to be the Shawty of the family:) What next I say?! What next?! I love you mom and you are and angel!!
Wes... Well you are just a stud my brutha. Talking with you makes me laugh pretty hard, I'm not gonna lie I miss you as much, if not more, than Jonah, Dillon, and Cody. Keep bein the good kid you are so we can chill when I get home!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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