Sunday, November 3, 2013

How you all been?! It's freaking HALLOWEEN this week... where did that come from?? And the day before Halloween marks 3 months for Elder Jorgensen!!! Yeah!!!

Alright so to update you all on the work, Elder Cooper and I finally have things rolling. After counting our numbers up last night we have 13 progressing investigators, 1 baptismal date (CCCC again, hopefully it goes through this time!!!) and we taught over 10 lessons again!!! We had something planned every day of last week, at least one lesson!!! And last week flew, I love it!! Have I told you guys about VVVV yet? He is the member that lives with DDDD and GGGG, and he is how we got them. Oh, and he has pretty much been inactive since his baptism a year ago but last week a member of the Stake Presidency stopped by and told him he was going to get the Melchezidek Priesthood... which necessitates that he starts coming to Church again... that is super cool for Elder Cooper and I to see because VVVV has been helping the missionaries out since he became a member but no one has been able to get him to start coming back to church... hopefully we get that done. Back to what I was saying... he gave us another reference this week!! This couple is expecting a baby ANY TIME this week, like in 2 days, and the lady was ready to burst during our lesson with them.
But we took VVVV as a member person, and he SLAUGHTERED it. Elder Cooper and I basically just sat back and bore the occasional testimony... it was pretty chill. And they straight up told us they want to come to church once they have time off from work...  this family has been PREPARED. The only downside is... they don't live in our area... so Elder Cooper and I had a talk about it and painfully we decided we are going to have to give them over. But, it's the right thing to do.
Do you guys remember LLLL? I wrote about him my very first week out here, he was an investigator at my first dinner out here, and I somehow managed to share a spiritual thought with him even though I was about to pass out right there?
Well, he's been being taught by a different set of Elders that he was close to, even though he lives in our area, and last week they handed us off to him. He has been being taught regularly since MARCH, and still hasn't been baptized because he has some doubts about the BOM(Book of Mormon). So, Elder Cooper are hoping and praying that we can help him see that the Book of Mormon really is the word of God and that it really will bless his life.

Church yesterday was freaking LEGIT.  It was ward conference and every hour was just straight bbbb(Dad’s edit note…not sure what the word meant, so I edited it out…didn’t want any misunderstandings.  Pretty sure he meant that it was awesome…J) During sacrament, the Bishop spoke to the ward about Missionary work and how we as missionaries need some help sometimes and its not just our job. I liked it because the night before, Elder Cooper and I probably spent like 2 hours calling people trying to get rides for VVVV and MMMM to come to Church. I love this ward and they are awesome about feeding us (especially with there being 8 Elders in this ward after transfers... EIGHT!!) but a lot of times when we need help with rides or members present or things of that nature that there are rules against us doing, there is really only one family we can count on. They are like our mission family because they have a son out, so anything we need, they hook us up with.
My Spanish is freaking fluctuating... the day the greenies got here I was sounding pretty good, not as green, and I was understanding decently well, and I liked it!! But Saturday calling around to get rides from people and just talking in general I felt like I was hearing a foreign language and I'm not going to lie I got REALLY frustrated with myself.
Then yesterday for personal study I was reading in Jesus the Christ about the Apostles... and how although Peter ended up being a stud, it took him awhile to get there... and I liked that/needed to hear it a LOT.

Have I vented to you guys that I miss music yet?! I MISS MUSIC!!!! Let me paint a picture for you about the kind of music I can listen to as a missionary... Mo-Tab, new renditions of hymns, instrumentals, and that's about it. And the sad part is, I still headbang and get into it just as much as I would have if it were my normal music. For an example, one of Elder Cooper's cd's has an EPIC version of praise to the man on it, I'm talking this thing is 7 minutes long, it features piano, bag pipes, snare drums, guitar, flute, choir singing, and it is AWESOME!!
Cooper and I go crazy every time we listen to it. This morning he was getting pretty into playing the piano along with it and I was directing the choir... and the best part is that our trunk is still partially open so it's pretty easy to hear, and there is tons of traffic in Oregon so people were probably looking at us thinking we were loosing our minds. My goal is to use that song to get somebody to want to be baptized one day. He's gonna be a cholo (gangsta) and he's gonna be sittin in his car jamming to his rap. Elder Cooper and I are gonna roll up, I'm gonna roll my window down, and BAM we're gonna start bumpin some bagpipes at him...
and he's just gon ask to be baptized. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me!!!
Alright I think that is all other than the fact that I am SUPER stoked that BYU beat BSU!!!! That's what I'm talkin about!!! I need to start wearing my BYU gear on Saturdays... yep I'm gonna start it!

This question is more directed toward Dad/Wes... is Duck Dynasty really that good?? I remember seeing a preview of it forever ago and Mom I'm pretty sure you said it looked like it had too much male humor for you... Wes if it is that good we are gonna have a marathon of watching it when I get back!!! And heck yes, I would LOVE Ziggi to come be a Missionary with me. I have a feeling she'd help our street contacting enormously!

Alright, I think that's it, Oh other than Mom in the package could you throw some stamps in porfas??:) I love you, you are an angel!!
And I love the rest of you too, mom just might be a little more angelic than the rest of you;)
Alright, Elder Jorgi (as I am coming to be known amongst some Elders) out!

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