Wednesday, February 12, 2014

To start off with... I have a new nickname for the natives in the area that I am serving... the PORTLANDIAN PANZIES!!!!!!
Why you might ask?!! Because... on Thursday, things started to snow... and snow... and snow. I wouldn't say it was anything much worse than what we usually get in Idaho, but here people were tripping cahones! We were grounded starting Thursday afternoon, President Morby didn't even want us to leave the apartment... so Elder Morrison and I ordered some Domino's and watched Church movies on our new IPADS that we got on Tuesday!!! And then Friday, Saturday, and yesterday, we STILL COULDN'T DRIVE!!! Church even got cancelled yesterday!!! WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!! I was doing so good, I hadn't missed Church in 27 weeks, I'm pretty sure I haven't been on a streak that good since I was like in Primary!!!!!!! So... needless to say... it was a pretty freaking slow week. However, some fun memories did come of it. For example... on Thursday when the snow was coming down and everything was getting blanketed in white, I wanted to take a picture in it, camouflaged, so I threw on my baptismal clothing and went outside, barefoot, to take some pictures
Where's Waldo I mean Elder Jorgensen??
. As we were walking around on Friday we also saw a man legitimately trudging around on skis. Soooo... that was all very unique
We did see some miracles on Wednesday before the snow hit. On Wednesday I was on Splits with Elder Smith, from Portland. He was trained by Elder Morrison and before he got moved to Portland he was comps with Coop... so that was fun. And we had 3 really good less active/recent convert lessons. We went by Mario, who says he should be ready to get the Priesthood in a month. We went by the Acevedo family, and just started talking with them, and somehow Hno Acevedo brought up a scripture that someone had shared with him 5 years ago when he was having a really hard time, and it helped him out a lot. He didn't even know the guy, and he couldn't remember the scripture. So as we were leaving I felt like I should share D&C 122:7-9 with them, because that is just an incredibly powerful scripture that talks about going through trials.
So I pulled it out and started explaining the background of where it comes from, and Hno Acevedo stopped me, and asked me the reference again, so I told him. He told me to read it. I did. When I finished I looked up at him and he had tears in his eyes. It was the same scripture that had helped him out 5 years ago, and he said it was good to hear it again.
Then after some appts fell through we went to another less active family, the Munoz. The last time we saw them we challenged them to read from the BOM 5 minutes every day. So when we walked in Hno Munoz PERFECTLY explained to us the first 12 chapters of 1Nephi...
and the last time we passed him by he just... I don't know how to explain it... it was a night and day change.
In other news... you guys got beat out in wishing me happy Valentine's... I got a Valentine's package on Saturday:D The only bad part is that I have to wait until Valentine's to open it... but that's ok... Wes you better hope those ties are cool because I'm pretty sure one of the things I got is a ti.
My little brother finally shaved!!! whooo!!!! yeah!!!!
Aight guys I think that's all... Good luck in  your new callings and Wesley soccer is the sport of the Gods anyways.
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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