Sunday, February 9, 2014

Well... to start of with... I hit my 6 month mark last week!!!!!
Am I the only one who thinks that is crazy... or is that crazy?!! I still remember flying out of Boise... the "City of Trees." No. Boise is the city of nothing... anyways... just wow... time is flying!!!
Ummm this week was tough and long but we saw some miracles so it was pretty good. To start off I'll answer your questions about Marcelo... I don't really know how he heard of the Gospel in Israel. I remember something about he had a dream and then he went into a Church building and that was his dream... the reason he was living in Israel was because he was there for work/tourism. But I haven't seen him since Sunday sooo... I need to pass by him sometime.
This week Morrison and I did a LOT of walking. I'd forgotten how WHITE my area is... but that's all good... there's Spanish speaking people  here somewhere, we just gotta freaking go find them!!!
Actually our main miracle this week came from walking...
OK so his mission won't be a Hollywood production but you get the idea...
we were going to a less active's house, a family that I've been trying to teach since I was with Cooper. And as we were on the street, there's someone with brown skin walking towards us... so, I started talking to him, and Morrison and I just turned around and walked with him to wherever he was going, which ended up being home. He got to his door, and invited us in. He started asking us questions about Temples and the Book of Mormon. His name is PPPP  and he was raised in El Salvador with lots of Mormon friends. When he asked his questions, he wasn't doing them to try to prove us wrong... he was doing them because he wanted to learn. We didn't get to stay long but we have a return appt with them this week.
And yesterday, when we had an hour with like nothing to do, we decided to pass them by and see what was up... PPPP's son, TTTT, answered, and we started talking. He told us he has been looking for religion because to him there are a lot of aspects of Christianity that don't make sense.
I looked at him and explained to him the concept of a mission, how we got our calls by Revelation, and how I knew God was there for him
and could help him out. He looked back at me and asked me if I felt my calling. Without hesitation, I looked him in the eye and said, "Absolutely. If I didn't, I'd go home." He was quiet for a minute, then said, "I respect that. Yeah, I'll sit down and talk to you guys." So we also have a return appt with him this week.
Miracle #3 comes from Mario and the Acevedo family. It was Saturday night, and Morrison and I didn't have anything planned to do... so we decided to go pass by Mario because we hadn't seen him at all this week. Walking to Mario's I felt like we should visit Acevedo's instead... so we knocked the door, and when we walked in, they were with family. It was Hermano Acevedo's little brother, who lived in one of Morrison's old areas, who Morrison helped re-activate a year ago. So we talked with them, and they showed us their new Church clothes they had bought to go to Church on Sunday (they haven't been since before I got here.) And then, because they were going, we took the Acevedo brothers over to Mario's door, knocked it, got in, and the Acevedo family is going to start taking Mario to Church now. That was freaking sweet. They all came yesterday and that was a wonderful moment.
Ok... other news... Eric's sister has a baptismal date for the 16th of this month. We watched 17 miracles with her last night because movies are one of the only ways we can get her interested in what we have to say. I like it more an more every time I see it.
I'll tell you guys this and you can make of it what you will... I actually didn't even know yesterday was the Superbowl until... yesterday! And things weren't crazy, everything was fine.
Mom... NO I do not want to go to BYU-I. I would use stronger language... but, I am a missionary.  out of curiousity... WHY did you decide to ask that?!?! I've said it before, I'll say it again... BYU-I (Editor's note...we'll reveal what he REALLY said in about 18 months-ish :))
Oooooh, that was harsh!!!
Ok... I think that's it. I got you guys' package this week. Loved it!!! The only question I have is could you send me some pictures of the other Talmage books?? I don't have time to read them out here but I still wanna know which ones they are and what ones they look like!!!!

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