Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Well... I'd ask what's up... but I just read that so I know already... sounds like everything is doing alright... glad to hear no one is dying or anything

This week was pretty slow as far as the work goes. Morrison and I have decided that we pretty much need to scrap all of our investigators and find some new ones because we've found quite a few... but they are all not progressing how we would like them to (editor's note--I changed the wording--he's a wee bit frustrated...:).  And Morrison and I are running low on miles so we are pretty much going to be walking everywhere this week... which is going to make our teaching super ineffective because we don't have a part of our area where we can just go and street contact people... ssssssoooooo.... this last week was interesting and this one will be too. 
That's ok... we still have a few things going for us. Juana is doing good. She is going through a lot of opposition from her family because she decided to get baptized... but she is holding in there and we are still teaching Alex. Eric's younger sister has also come to church 3 times now, we are hoping to baptize her soon. AND Eric's older brother, who was the first one Cooper and I talked to at their door but haven't really talked to since, sat in while we watched a movie about Jesus last night... I've waited like 18 weeks to see some sign of progress from him.
A couple more miracles and 1 funny story... Elder Christofferson came and spoke to our mission on Saturday morning.
He was in town for a stake conference and President Morby asked him to make time to come talk to us as a mission. If every Apostle visited 4 missions a year, it would take 8.5 years for every mission to be visited... That was great. It was very easy to tell while listening to him speak that he didn't have planned what he was going to say, he was just listening to the Spirit. AND I got to bring Eric with us. I had to call President Morby and ask him for permission, and when I talked with him at first it didn't seem like it would happen. President Morby told me he'd had a lot of similar requests and he had to be consistent... which I understood. So he told me to text him Eric's name and he'd get back to me the next day, Saturday. And when he did, he said Eric could come. I don't know why, but that was great for Eric to see. He got to be in a chapel full of 230ish missionaries, and hear Sister and President Morby speak, and listen to Elder Christofferson. Elder Christofferson shook our hands... dang that was just awesome.
Miracle #2 happened walking to Church yesterday... yes... walking.
Not Elder Jorgensen, but you get the idea...
Like I said, we are short on miles, so anywhere we can walk, we are walking. And actually it's even a miracle that we got to walk instead of having to use miles to drive. Usually, since the new year, Morrison and I have had to pick up Mario to take him to Church because all of the members are late in the morning as it is and Mario lives far away from everybody, except the less actives he lives by, the ones I ate dinner with my first night here, the Acevedo family, who hasn't come to Church since I got here. Yesterday they helped us give Mario a ride, they dropped him off, which is progress with them. So it's like an hour walk to Church... we didn't leave until 45 minutes before it started, and then I realized I had forgotten my name tag, so we had to go back and grab it, and then just started speed walking pretty much. As we were walking we saw a Mexican, dressed up, walking towards us. We are supposed to talk with everyone, so I asked him how he was. He looked at my name-tag that I had forgotten, and asked us if we were going to Church. We said yes, he asked if it was in Spanish... we said yes, he asked if he could follow us, and of course we said yes. We started talking more and his name is Marcelo... he was one of the first convert baptisms in Israel. He told us he had been going to an English ward, but he doesn't really understand English, so he went out that day and tried to find the Spanish ward. And to me it was kinda just like Heavenly Father saying "I know you are working hard, and I haven't forgotten about you.
" The one Sunday that Morrison and I walked, we met him. He has met President Hinckley... the First Presidency had to authorize his baptism... and then because we were gonna be late, but we'd found Marcelo, we were able to get a ride from Juana because we had a man with us... So, that was definitely cool that I got to be a part of that.
Ummmm funny story... again relating back to us not having miles... and we needed a ride home from Church yesterday because we didn't have time to walk home and then get to where we needed to be by when we needed to be there... and another companionship needed a ride too... so we were faced with the daunting task of fitting 6 people in a 4 passenger car. How did we do it, you might ask? Well...we did (editor's note--some content has been edited so as not to give bad ideas to young drivers whom might be reading this post...:)
Oh and in other news... Our mission will be getting Ipads on February 4th... there were 30 stateside misisons selected for this Pilot program... the OPM originally was not one of them... but that got changed because the quorum of the 70 all agreed that they wanted President Morby to be one of the mission presidents who helped test this out... so yeah... He's a pretty cool dude. The new one is going to be Elder Ballard's son, he comes in July 1st...
Aight I think that's all... Love you guys!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen!

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