Thursday, January 16, 2014

Well first of all... I'm not getting transferred!!! Looks like I have at least another 6 weeks to work here in Beaverton West!!!
Except Elder Morrison and I kind of have a problem... this transfer we baptized the main people I have been working with since I got here... Mario and Juana... and this transfer/especially this week will be critical to see if we can find enough to keep our teaching and baptizing streak going. Morrison and I were at a meeting for the missionaries in our Stake last night and last transfer/the month of December we were one of the highest teaching and baptizing companionships in the mission... I want to keep it up!!!
Sounds like ya'll had a pretty rough week... if it makes you feel any better... I had an interesting week!!! This week pretty much revolved around Juana... She did get baptized but it took a couple miracles to make it happen....
The first one happened last Monday night. We were at dinner, and our phone was dying because it didn't get charged the night before... so literally right before the phone died, we got a text from Juana saying she was feeling sad... then the phone was done. And we didn't have anything planned so we stopped by to see her. Within 5 minutes of us getting there to see her, the English Sisters who used to teach her showed up too... that has happened a few times where both sets of us show up without planning it... miracle. 
Wednesday we were driving home from somewhere... I don't really remember... and we drove past Juana's street, and I felt like I should turn around and go see Juana. I ignored it for a little bit... I don't know why, but finally I just looked at Morrison and said "Elder I think we should go see Juana." So we did, and there were the Sisters... again! They'd just barely gotten there.
And then the next miracle is that Juana freaking FINALLY got baptized!!! Good-ness!!! I alone have been working with that woman since September, and she was ready to go before I got her! But it was an awesome baptism, I swear 20 missionaries showed up because she has been being taught for so long! We went to see her last night (she was baptized on a Saturday) and she told us that when she showed up at the chapel, before things started going, she closed her eyes and said a prayer that she could just make sure what she was doing was right. And when she opened her eyes she saw an angel standing in the room. Morrison and I were the first ones she told that too, she said she wanted to tell us first. And we also talked with DDDD last night, and he was happy to see us and everything, which is a 180 from where he was at Juana's baptism... for some reason (that I've already vented about a little) he wouldn't talk to us or anything... but last night he was happy and I know we are going to baptize him too. I don't know how but I will keep trying until it happens. I will not stop.
Ok well that was the meat of last week:) This week is going to be all about finding a way to keep working like crazy in our area. I love you guys and hope you all start feeling better!!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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