Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy freaking new years familia!!!!
Sounds like y'all had a much funner new years eve than I did... I had to be back home by 9...:D But thats ok, the blessings are worth the sacrifice!!! However... I did have a pretty interesting New Years Day...
I was on splits that day, working in Portland. And it was just different than the work we do here in Beaverton West... For example... my area doesn't have anywhere that we can just park the car and walk around street contacting people. Really our only finding tool is knocking... well I went to Portland and there was just like a block where anywhere you looked it was hispanic people... we just walked around outside for like 3 hours talking to people!!! I also got offered more beer on that day than I have the previous 18+ years of my life... We'd ask people what they were doing and without hesitation they'd just say "drinking some beer. you want some?" WHAT?!?! And some of them were pretty persistent too... 
Ok I interrupt the events of last week to tell you guys that I just got to have a lil email chat with Jonah for about 30 minutes... that was CRAZY and I loved it so much!!! It was 6 pm in Portugal and 10am here... Jonah is freaking going crazy, he is a District Leader and a trainer, and baptizing like you wouldn't believe!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it's official, we are rooming together at BYU when we both get back. So I don't know what I'll need to do to make that happen but...its happening!!
I am just pumped right now!!!!!! We baptized Mario  last week, we have dates for Juana and her son this week, and if all goes well Eric's sister next week. I've got freaking work to do and I love it!!!!!!!
Speaking of Mario's baptism... we had a crazy week with him. Last monday we passed him by and it was the happiest I've ever seen him... we just talked and cracked jokes and he is a really funny guy when he's not depressed. And then we went by him again Friday, the day before his baptism. And in that lesson he re-hashed EVERY SINGLE DOUBT THAT I'VE EVER TAUGHT HIM ABOUT, MOST OF THEM MORE THAN ONCE!!!  <---------In case you couldn't tell... that frustrated me... A LOT!!!
I wanted SO BADLY to just tear into him about all the time we've spent covering those doubts... But, somehow, miraculously, I held my tongue. Because even though he was going over his doubts he was still ok to be baptized.... so then Saturday comes up, and the hour of Mario's baptism comes up... and no Mario. We figured he would be late because the family that was bringing him was the family that takes him to Church and they are always late so we figured... whatevs. But 10 minutes later... we called him and he was still sitting at home waiting for a ride. So The bishop grabbed us and we busted a move over to his place, then back to the chapel, and got things going. And the Spirit was SO strong during the baptism. Mario asked Jose, Erics dad, to give a talk, even though at the time he hadn't even been baptized 2 weeks ago... so Jose got up, shared some scriptures, and what he thought about them... it was pretty short but it was powerful. Mario baptized by Elder Warenski. The picture is of all of the missionaries who taught Mario to get him baptized. Warenski taught him for the longest... close to 7 months. Or maybe more. So that was special to see. And then a member named Carlos, who was baptized by Cooper and his trainer like 6 months ago, gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. And Carlos is a lot like Mario... before he was a member he was in a bad place. It took him 7 months of travel to get from Mexico here to the States... and when he got here he got into some bad stuff. A lot like Mario. And now Carlos is one of the strongest members I know and during his talk the Spirit was just... present. Strongly. Oh and I forgot while Mario and Warenski were changing, we just had people get up and share their testimonies. Eric was the first one to hop up. He talked about the role faith had in helping us baptize his parents. Yeah... special night.
Ok I think that's about it... I gotta get going!!! Oh and before I forget I've had another mexican delicacy!!!! Fried pig skin!!!!!!!!!
Love you guys!!!
Elder Jorgensen!!!
P.s.... transfers are coming up... I am pretty sure I'll be staying here, but if when you mail the package it can't get to me before Saturday, you should probably hold it just in case.... I'll let you know!!!

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