Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Editor’s Note…  Many, MANY MANY apologies for being so overdue with keeping up on the blog. We are so grateful to all who follow  Elder Jorgensen in his missionary experiences.  We love him very much and are grateful he is sacrificing this time to serve.  So, without any further delay, here is the last two updates from Elder J.  The most recent one is on top, last week  is just below.

Dang it was good to hear from you guys!!! Y'all are sounding good!!!! Wes, you're turning into a man!!!! If I haven't said this already I want a picture of when mom becomes the shortest member of the family!!! That day is coming mom, so you better prepare yourself!!!!
So the best part of this week was easily the fact that Eric came on a mini-mission with us.
He straight came and lived with us for 2 days and it was just a blast. He went home, and told his parents he is for sure serving a mission. And President Morby said he can do another one with us so tonight we are gonna go pick him up and he's gonna do it for the rest of the night if he can. And his parents are just AWESOME. Straight ballers. We asked Jose if we could take him to a lesson last night, and he said yeah he could come, and then the lesson bailed but we still wanted to bring him because we figured we could knock and maybe get into some lessons... but instead he opened the door and said "come in, I want you guys to meet somebody." And he had a couple members of his family just chillin in there, so we went and taught them... which pretty much just ended up sitting back and listening as Jose and Luz taught them some parts of like all 5 lessons!!! It was so baller!!!!! I was just screaming "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" inside the whole time!!!! I love that family, they are freaking amazing!!!
And man I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! For working on passes to Nike!!!!!
I sent those people an email so we will wait to see what happens... I'll keep you posted though!!!!
In other news... Elder Morrison have been leading our Zone in lessons taught with members present every week since we have been a companionship. MMMM officially PASSED his baptismal interview, he is set to be dunked this Saturday, January 4th!!!! I'd just ask that you guys keep praying for him, a lot, maybe even get his name on the Temple Prayer Roll so that he doesn't relapse. He is close! In Sunday School yesterday he was going off about how this is the only Church that he feels the Spirit in!!! I have fasted for him probably about 5 times, and I'm probably going to do it again at least once this week... JJJJ also passed her Baptismal interview, and fingers crossed that she gets the perfect baptism she wants, her date is next Saturday, the 11th!!! And we got 8 new investigators this last week, I think that's the highest I've ever had, and our area is just rolling!! Wes one of them is a 13 year old named ZZZZZ in 8th grade and his feet are huge... he kinda reminds me of you, although he is a little shy!! His family seems pretty interested and I am hoping we get them progressing pretty quick!!! Just UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH getting work done!!!! Eric is gonna come with us this week and we are just going to shred our area, leave our name all over it!!!!
 Ok I love you guys, I can't believe its been 5 months to the day since I've seen y'all.... but hey it's going by quick!!! Love you talk to you soon!!!
P.S. Wes good job on those rank advancements in Scouts!!! Look at my lil gingi... all grown up and finally a second class!!!!
-Elder Travis Jorgensen!

I am just happy. I love being a missionary. Its da bomb. I don't have a lot of time this week, but I'll tell you some quick stories!!!
1st... I am starting to realize that if we have to knock more than once for our dinner appointment, it usually means we are at the wrong house. How have I come to this wonderful discovery you might ask?? Well, allow me to enlighten you:D You see, our ward directory isn't very accurate... because most of our members live in apartments and move a lot... and me being the directionally confused man I am... I am very dependent on my GPS and the Ward Directory... So some time this week, I don't remember what day, we showed up to dinner. We knocked on the door. No one answered. We knocked on it again. Still no answer. We knocked a 3rd time, this wan a little more forcefully. And a freaking Asian man, clothed in only a shirt,
answered the door. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS?!?! WHAT on God's green earth is wrong with you?!?! Who in the HALLIBUT does that!?!
Clearly, CLEARLY, that was the rational thing to do. He only had time to throw on one piece of clothing, and logic dictates the shirt. Yep. Good thinking. When he opened up, and he freaking opened wide, I didn't even say anything. I just threw up a little in my mouth, turned around, and started walking away:D Elder Morrison said "sorry, wrong door." I just... I just... WHAT. WHY. Some people...
The second story comes from knocking... we were knocking, and noticed this door was partially open, and heard Spanish from within, so we knocked it. Oddly enough, all noise inside the house ceased. But the door was open. So freaking Morrison, the stud he is, just starts talking to them through the partially open door... I just started laughing and again walked away...:)
And the last story... BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!! We dunked Eric's parents last night and it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my whole mission.
Jose, Eric's dad (who is a member now so you don't have to censor his name) was giddy the whole time. He was jumping up and down, saying he just felt like a kid, and he and his wife were both just radiating. I got to baptize Jose. Which was amazing. Words can't describe it. But after that, Eric got to baptize his mom. And I freaking just felt the Spirit on that one. She came up out of the water looking so fresh and new. And then after we changed, pretty much the whole ward got up to welcome them in, then Jose and his wife got up to say thank you, and to wrap things up I felt like I should get up and tell them how privileged I felt to be able to teach them. I can't lie, I almost started crying... the Spirit was just there. That family is the reason I was sent here, when I was sent here. I know it, without a doubt.
Ok I don't have too much more time... So I'll call y'all sometime on Wednesday!!! Probably in the morning!!! I love you guys!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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