Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fam!! Long time no talk!!
Well... I'm gonna start this week of with a funny story... So of the 4 companionships on the ward, 2 of them have to do a car share... that is to say that half the week they get the bike, the other half they get the car. And one of the companionships lives pretty close to us so when they are on the bikes we usually give them rides to dinner. Well, on Wednesday night, dinner was far away, and they had an appt right afterwards... and Morrison and I don't have the miles to drive them there, and actually we didn't really have time either. So we were kinda stumped because they could have ridden their bikes, but they would have gotten there just in time to leave for their appointment... and then Elder Mayer had the brilliant idea to bring the bikes with us. How you might ask? By holding them out the car windows:D Yes, you did read that right... hanging bikes out of the car windows of our 2012 Toyota Corolla.
Now let me tell you a few other details about why this story is so crazy... First of all... dinner was like a 5-7 minute drive away from where we picked the bikes up. Traffic in Beaverton at 6pm is CRAZY, the lanes are super skinny, the roads are hilly and bumpy, and lets not forget it is COLD outside. It was above freezing but the humidity just makes it bone-chilling. So how did we do it? Well, we rolled down all the windows in the car... put the handlebars in the front windows, and put the pedals inside on the back windows so as not to scratch the car. The Elders of Aloha had to stick their hands outside and hold onto the bikes... as I drove 45 miles an hour through the streets of Beaverton. That crap was COLD!!! Errytime we turned a corner we were all screaming, Aloha was complaining about their hands going numb... as the driver it was of course important that I maintained feeling in my hands so that I could drive safely.
.. so I cranked the heat and directed it straight at the steering wheel... and I would occasionally chide that I couldn't really tell if it was cold outside and then ask for the opinion of those in my car...:D We got some WEIRD looks, let me tell you! If Elder Cooper would have been present, he would have said (something we shouldn't publish) a bike rack...:) I love my trainer, miss him sometimes!
Other than that... not much happened this week.... Eric and his family are doing great, as are Juana and Mario... OH that is the other story I have for you... Mario told us he wanted to come help us teach... but he didn't want to go knock any doors. He thought instead we should try to find people in stores because "if you knock their door, they don't have to open it. But if you get them in a store, they have nowhere to go." So we had ourselves a best 2 years moment...
it wasn't quite as successful as in the movie... but it still happened:) It was pretty fun I guess.
Still no luck on Nike.. that I know of... I'm not gonna say much more because it just depresses me...:)
We did find ONE new guy to teach this week... actually we didn't even find him... he was a reference from some English Elders... his name is Israel, we taught him last night, and I haven't taught a lesson to somebody so interested since we were teaching Eric's parents. We are going back on Saturday and I'm excited. Ok, I think that's about it... 
Love you guys!!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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