Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hey guys!!
Thanks for the emails!!  I feel like its been awhile since I got to write a good email so imma tell y'all about the WORK!!!
I think I told you this already but on this area we are trying to start a group/branch... Which is hard because we are doing it out of an English ward so for now durning sacrament meeting we have to do a translation, we have our own Spanish Gospel principles class and we don't have anything figured out for priesthood or relief society yet but thusfar it hasn't been a problem...
And our area is about to freaking explode!!,
Elder Warenski is a pretty experienced Elder and we are doing work together. In the last 2 weeks we have found 12 new investigators and legitimately all of them have potential so we're hoping to see some baptisms here soon. The problem, as I have been complaining about recently, is that nobody will come to church... But that's ok we're hoping to see that start climbing. Elder Warenski and I both feel like baptizing weekly is something that we can get done if we work up to it so we are going to start fasting weekly to make it happen. This week was our second week doing it and it seems to be working.
Fun fact for y'all... Today is Elder Coopers hump day.
It is also a year ago today that we had that youth fireside and I prayed about serving at 18... I don't think that it's a coincidence that that was Elder Cooper's first day out...
You guys should send me some pics I feel like I don't know anything that is going at home anymore!!!
Ok I actually have some pics for you guys we just finished another hike... Thankfully nobody almost died today it was just some good walking and pictures... Not to mention there have just been some picture worthy moments... The problem with emails these days is that we usually do them from our iPads and the pics are on my camera... But one of these days when we don't do something for pday I'll send some...
Ok well I think that is all... As far as calling home i think there will be a good chance that we will be allowed to skype. No promises it just seems reasonable. And you don't really need to send me an Easter package I just barely got one... I mean I'd like it bbbuutttt... No worries.
K I think that's it... Til next week pray that God softens the heart of my investigators!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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