Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's  been like a transfer since anyone was at church!!!! And he really liked it too, his name is (I can't tell you...:) and he has seen a lot in life... So when we are teaching him he always likes to point out how young we are...

But... Sal good.
I also had to speak in Sacrament yesterday... I was told to plan a 10 or 15 minute talk and I was the concluding speaker... And when i got up there I had 20 minutes left... I think I did aight though I had to talk about the Holy Ghost so I filled some time by telling stories... People told me they liked it sooo... Idk...
I got you guys package!!! It was pretty cool!!  Dad that para cord tie is like the most inspiring thing I've ever seen in my life!!! How long did it take you to make it?? And question... Where did those other ties come from? They are way legit I like them a lot. And the journals are pretty cool, thank you!! So this second journal will probably take another 8 months to fill out... And then I'll be ready for another one!!
I don't know where all you guys looked but I've heard bookstores have some pretty good deals sometimes... Is it possible to like buy a plain leather one and get some pictures put into the leather?? Idk..
So did one of the sisters who ate over know Elder Cooper?? He texted me a couple days before and told me a girl from his district was serving in Kuna and he got an email from her saying errybody freaked when you guys found that out.
Not much happened this week... So I'll tell you guys some stories from a couple weeks ago that we're pretty powerful... We were eating dinner with this dude from Hawaii, and he is just starting to be active again after 30 years of inactivity... He went inactive like right after his mission. So he was telling us one of his stories when a set of elders was going to buy an investigator a steak so he could be baptized... Bryan (the member feeding us) went up to them, stopped them, and said in his cool Hawaiian accent, "the Gospel is NOT a commodity."
And he said that, and I was just kinda like...dang. Powerful. It made me stop and think about what this Gospel means to me...
Ok well I think that's all... Wes as far as your knee I'm pretty sure it's because you've even growing so much so eat and drink healthy, stay hydrated, and stretch. Dad is like mister myogi
so he will fix you up.
I don't think there is anything else that I need right now, although mom you were a prophetic angel with what you threw in the last one, it was all stuff I was gonna have to buy today... Thanks guys I love you!
Oh and whasis name.. The kid I gave my scriptures to... I got them back we are teaching his family about once a week we just need to figure out something for church for them...
Elder Travis Jorgensen!

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