Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hey peeps!! What's up? How've you been? Wes I heard you got the deed done, I expect dem dirty deets:D
Alright so it was an interesting week. I think I'm gonna start of with... the spirtit'chal things because the stories are good but it was a good week also. First of all, on Friday I got permission to go with Eric's family to the Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead. That was AWESOME.
I couldn't do much because everybody kept acting like because we were Elders we were diseased so mostly I just got to sit and watch it happen, but all 4 of them who have been baptized went. Jose afterwards said he liked it a lot, that he could really feel the Spirit. And it was just nice to see Eric again.
The first half of the week was pretty slow. Monday was the whole hiking incident,
As a parent, should I be concerned about the facial expressions of Elder Goff and Elder Jorgensen????
Tuesday was a zone conference, and Wednesday and thursday like nothing happened... no one was home, we couldn't get any news, in the first 5 days of the week we got like 3 lessons, and not for lack of trying. And friday was the Temple so that took up some time too. But on Saturday we received a lot of revelation... We were out and about, after already having had like 3 or 4 lessons fall through, and both Elder Goff and I were pretty frustrated. So we were at the house of one of the people who bailed on us, and they still had their Christmas lights up in their trees... and I just wanted to take them down!!
I was so irritated I wanted to do some service to lighten my soul! But I couldn't decide whether or not to do it... I didn't want to get them mad at me for doing something without their permission, but I wanted to get it done! And I literally could not make a decision which was just frustrating me more because we had other people to go see... but, in the midst of my trying to make a decision, the neighbors of the people we were at got home, and they were Mexican..... so... we went and talked to them!! And if I hadn't been fighting with the decision of whether or not to take them down, we would have missed them.
And then, right after that, we were walking around just trying to find some people, and I felt like we should knock a door. So it took us awhile, but we finally got to it, and a white dude opened up the door. My first though was "oh, great..." but he turned out to be very interested and as we taught him a mini version of the restoration, I could see it in his face, it made sense!!! We have to hand him off to the English but I'm glad we found him.
Then later on Saturday I legitimately got hit on my a 40 year old mexican woman!!! UGH!!! We tried teaching her, and she just kept going off about how good looking I was for more than half an hour... NASTAY!!!! As we were walking away, there was a chick with bright red dyed hair smoking a cigarette in a stairwell, so I said "Hey how's it going."
And then yesterday we got to teach HHHH's family (the ones who remind me of Eric) and it went really well. I am excited to see where they go.
Aight guys I gotta go! Love you!

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