Monday, March 3, 2014

Editor's note...  this is a week late, due to a number of things, mostly on the editor's side.  We should get another letter from him today, but here is the latest from Elder T Jorg:

Guys I'm not going to lie I am stressing right now
... I'll tell you about me week and then hopefully I won't sound like I'm whining...
So, as you know... I left Beaverton West yesterday... And last week in our area was freaking rough. CCCC relapsed and started drinking... twice. I taught him some very powerful lessons on the Atonement, I felt the Spirit work through me, and I could see the desire to change in his eyes. But still... it's not good that he relapsed. Also the WWWW family had a tough week. We usually teach them on Monday nights, but last Monday we had something else pop up so we didn't get to see them until Saturday after one of our lessons with CCCC. Now, just to recap, they were doing super good. Before this week they had FINALLY started coming to Church for a couple weeks, they'd been through the Temple, and both of the parents were starting to get their own testimonies that God does indeed know and love all of us individually
.But when we saw Hno WWWW on Saturday... he was clearly being weighed down by some problems. He told us he and his wife had been fighting, and the Spirit was not in their home. We started talking and I shared some scriptures with them about the power of the Atonement, and we watched some Mormon Messages about how marriage is ordained of God,

and Hno WWWW just started bawling. They were doing so good. And it was right after that lesson that I received the phone call that I would be leaving... and really all there is to say sometimes is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Leaving was freaking hard, I didn't like it at all. However, on Sunday night we did eat dinner with the WWWW family, and we also passed CCCC , so it was like my first day all over again, just a lot more painful.
The good thing about leaving is that I got a new companion... The funny thing is this whole last transfer I was asking President Morby to leave me in Beaverton West, because I still felt like I had more to do, and I felt like the pros of staying outweighed the cons of another transfer with Morrison.  Elder Laing, my comp from the MTC, came up and replaced me in Beaverton so when Morrison goes home after this transfer I know the area is in good hands.
So that's part of the reason I am stressing, because my area had a really fragile week and I just care about those people so much. The other reason I am stressing out is because of my new area... I got moved to Milwaukie, and the work is completely different. I went from a functioning ward to trying to start up a group. And I guess I'd be ok with that except for the Elder who I replaced is known in the mission for being one of the hardest working and best missionaries in the mission. He was a District leader and yesterday he got moved to a Zone Leader... He and Elder Goff, my new companion, were together for 6 months. They opened this area up together and got things going off the ground, and Elder Katzenbach, (the Elder who left) left some very big shoes for me to fill. On Sunday night there was a baptism in the ward that we went to, and President Morby came, and told me he needed me where I was going, that it was hard work and that I'd be amazed at all the miracles I'd be able to see. I didn't really pay much attention... I was still to sad about leaving, but now that I am here I understand. This area is going to require the best of me. And I am stressed because I don't know if, even after the best I have to give, it will be enough to give this area what it needs. I just feel kind of overwhelmed....
Ok on a positive note... My new companion!!! Elder Goff!!! He is 18 and we were in Mexico together!!!! He and his trainer Elder Katzenbach were together for 6 months, I am only his second companion out in the field. Anyways... in HS Elder Goff liked soccer and XC and Track... and so far we have been getting along very well. We went running this morning:D
My new address is
12200 SE Mcloughlin Blvd #6303
Milwaukie, Or 97222 (not sure on the Zip... you might wanna double check:) And it seems safe to send packages to. And in the package you guys are going to send me any books or anything besides that... I DON'T HAVE ROOM FOR THEM!!! Mom, you are a genius,
thank you for sending that tote, without it, when I moved I would have been screwed!!!! And even with it... it was hard to get things to fit!!! I have decided that I don't like packing...
Oh I stopped talking about Elder Goff. I am super excited. He is chill and we have been getting along and we're gonna work hard together.! I have some stuff to send you in a package.. the only problem is that I don't know if I'll be able to get to the post office today or if it will have to wait until next week.. but it's ready!!! Wesley I'm not going to make this deadline... I'm sorry. Well, I could, but it wouldn't be a letter with anything good in it. If you want a good letter that will make you laugh and think I'm stupid, you gotta wait until I have time to write it... and this week, I don't have time!!!
Good luck in your new calling!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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