Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow I have a lot to tell you guys... I don't know where to start! I guess I'll start off with a vent about the culture shock I am going through...  Yesterday was only my 2nd church meeting in English since I've left home... It's weird.
other funny stories... oh today we were going to check the mail and I looked at Elder Goff and said, "Elder, I feel like you got a love letter today." I was joking... he just looked at me and was like yeah, right! but then he got one!!! I was laughing pretty hard..
Oh yeah that's the other thing I wanted to tell you guys about... I CAN'T FREAKING STAY THE FREAK AWAKE!!!! I don't understand!!! I'm being a lot better about going to bed than I was last transfer, I'm sleeping... alright... but just anytime I sit down I fall asleep!!! Yesterday, driving to like the border of our area, (30ish minutes) I was falling asleep in the middle of trying to talk with Elder Goff!!! Like literally I'd be in the middle of a sentence and just... bam... doze off!!! I need more engergy!!!!
Ok... enough venting... this week was pretty good. Tough. But good. Elder Goff is a hard worker and we are going to tear this area up. We did a lot of knocking and teaching on people's doorsteps this week. Like, a lot. This area seems pretty similar to Beaverton West... we have lots of people we could contact, but none of them are really interested. Yesterday we saw a miracle happen. We were out in Sandy, making the rounds of people we know over there, because we only drive out there once a week, so we'd been knocking for a good 2 hours and hadn't taught anyone yet. We got lots of "you can come back next sunday" but no one let us in... and we were about to leave the trailer home we were in, but I looked at a house and felt like we should go knock it. So, we did. I asked the people if we could share a message with them, and they let us in and we talked for an hour and a half, and they really liked the first lesson. To me it was miraculous because I have been praying so hard to find someone who is prepared and willing to receive this Gospel and I think yesterday was an answer to those prayers.
Elder Goff is the bomb. We have been running most mornings... it's only 3 miles but I'll take it. We talk about running and racing all the time and we get along pretty well... I'm excited to see the work we get done together.
Oh last thing actually yesterday sacrament meeting was also pretty powerful. I honestly have been feeling overwhelmed this week because everywhere I go, people are just talking about how great of a missionary Elder Katzenbach is and I have just been feeling overwhelmed. But yesterday almost every single person who got up to bear their testimony talked about how we have trials so we can grow... and I think Heavenly Father was trying to send me a message that I just need to keep going.

Aight guys... hope you get feeling better. I love y'all.
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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