Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hey family!
Well, last week was pretty good here in Tigard. We set 3 baptismal dates, all with members of HHHH's family. The best one was her son, VVVV's. Yesterday was his 10th birthday, and no one else in his family could come to church, so we got him a ride and he came all by himself. Later  that day we passed by to wish him a happy birthday, and we started talking about baptism, he said it was something he wants to do. HHHH was right there and she said she was fine with it. HHHH is also super solid. We can show her like a 3 minute mormon message and she gives us a 5 minute explanation about it. Every time Elder Engman and I teach her, we always say she should teach us. So what's impeding her from baptism currently is that she wants to get divorced. She doesn't need to according to the rules, but it's something she really wants to do and when she told us about it, both Elder Engman and I felt like it was something she needs to do. She can't do it though because she needs to know her husband's current address, which she doesn't  know because they aren't in communication and he won't give it to her... so that is our current dilemma here in Tigard... however, my district is getting work done.
So my district is 6 companionships, one of which is a senior couple. My branch is my area, a set of sisters, and the senior couple, we cover the Tualatin and Lake Oswego Stakes. And then the other half of the district is the beaverton group (different than the ward I was serving in). There are 3 companionships in that group, one of which is the zone leaders, and the other is a brand new area that just got made 2 weeks ago. So my district is my area, the sister's area, the senior couple, the zone leaders, and 2 other companionships of Elders. It is the biggest district in the mission by 2 companionships, which I think I said already, but, anyways, we are DOING WORK!!! In the first 2 weeks of the transfer, as a district, and not counting the senior couple's numbers, we have found 58 new investigators. That is more than most English zones of 10 companionships find in a month.
Everyone is working hard and I love it. I'm glad I'm in Tigard, I feel like I haven't actually liked an area that I was in since I served in Nike.
Other random sidenote, we are still giving a crazy amount of blessings here. Last week we gave 7 blessings in 2 days, probably the hardest one was to a 14 year old in the branch who was hit by a car going 45 mph when he ran across the freeway. Miraculously, externally there wasn't a lot of damage. He had bleeding in is brain has been recovering quickly. The other one was to Elder White, the Elder in the senior couple, he had a blood clot in his lung but he is doing better too.
Elder Engman comes from a decent sized family, he is number 3 of 4.
Ok Mom I will send you another email about housing later... I love you guys, I hope Wes gets feeling better! Maybe during his time of illness he could take time to remember his long lost brother!!

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