Sunday, October 12, 2014

About the bike...  The Mission home did deliver it to me and it does have all the stuff that helmet the lock... Everything, however the mission office was not able to get it to a bike shop, so it is currently sitting in the garage.
The less active member who speaks Spanish that I gave a blessing to last week is a bike mechanic and he said he would help us out. The only problem is making time to get it over there. However, our area is TINY,
I have no idea how big his area is, but this is all I could find.
so walking isn't too big of a problem. This last week we got five new investigators, and almost all of them were people we saw walking in the street. One of them we had a super good experience with.
So last week we are out walking it was probably 8 o'clock at night, and I don't remember if I told you guys about this already, but somebody drove by and honked their horn at us super loud And it kind of scared us. But as we kept walking, we saw a guy in the street and started talking to him. His name is BBBB he just barely graduated, and is leaving for the Marines in a few months.
He didn't have time to talk last week or the week before technically, so we went back on Thursday to talk to him. He ended up being out in the street and he invited us in. It was probably 830 at night and we also got to talk to his mom, whose name is ZZZZ. They are very Catholic, but as we started teaching, The spirit was superstrong. They didn't have any questions, and accepted the book of Mormon.
OK, NOT Travis, but still a cool picture.
It was perfect timing too, because Matt left the next day for a hunting trip. The even bigger miracle is that we had a book of Mormon to give them. Before this week we had not given out any, but Thursday, we gave out the only one I had in my backpack. Right before we went for a lesson with BBBB and ZZZZ, we went to another lesson with an old lady named PPPP. She didn't want to talk much, she came out with her book of Mormon that she had, and gave it to us saying she didn't want to know anymore.
I won't lie I kind of frustrated me, but then when We went to BBBB and ZZZZ, it was a miracle that we had a book of Mormon to give them. So BBBB went hunting the next day, and we hope that he took the book of Mormon with him. We were going to stop by ZZZZ the next day to give her one, but we tried four different times and she never answered the door... So we will see how that goes, I'm hoping we get to talk to her again. This Sunday, our ward is doing fast Sunday, and so we,  The ward mission leader, and the ward missionaries, are all going to fast for a family that will be baptized, and also help us find more people to teach and baptize.
Alright, is there anything else? If there is let me know. I love you guys and hope you have a good week.
Love, Elder Travis Jorgensen!

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