Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hey Guys!Well.. I'll start out with my adventure for the week! Mom... you might not like this too much, but you told me if anything ever happened to tell you about it, so I am gonna be pretty descriptive so that you know what happened. and it might bring out the momma bear in you:)
but I'm asking you to please refrain because there isn't anything you could say that I haven't already heard or done... and if it was too much, tell me! So on Friday night we did exchanges and I went to a different part of Hillsboro. The Elders there live with members who have a slamball court in their backyard (trampoline in the ground, 2 hoops on opposite sides, weighted down so that you could dunk on them).
I was more interested in jumping and doing tricks than slamball, so I was just messing around. We've been over there a few times so I've done it quite a bit. Well, one time I jumped from the balcony to the tramp and did a backflip (I'd been doing it for like 10 minutes), and this time I backflipped too far and fell through the springs.
Not really Travis.  do not attempt this at home...
It kinda hurt. But, the family jewels were ok and nothing appeared to be out of order, so I pulled myself out and started walking around. As I was doing so, I noticed that my left foot was sticking to the ground and I couldn't figure out why. I looked, and low and behold 2 cuts on my foot, both bleeding something fierce
The first was like what happens when you get a deep blister on your foot, and pops, and you peel the skin off. That was right in the ball of my foot and boy did it hurt. The skin was still attached, so I had to cut it with scissors later (I would say it was about the thickness of a quarter). Because that's where all the pain was, I didn't notice the other one for a few minutes. Dad you know how my toes are super curled? Well, right in the top joint of what would equate to the index finger on my left foot, there was a cut. The sucker was DEEP so deep I could almost see the bone. The weird part was that it didn't hurt at all. It was bleeding like CRAZY, but no pain. The Elder I was with, Elder Tanner, was playing slamball and talking, so I just sat there listening, and after about 20 minutes I asked him if he had any neosporin and such. He asked what was wrong and I pointed to the drops of blood on the deck surrounding my foot:) I rinsed it off, and BOY did that one on the ball of my foot hurt, but the toe didn't, it just bled. I got both of them all cleaned up, sprayed some antiseptic on them, and gauzed and athletic taped them both. The problem was... MY TOE KEPT BLEEDING! So I asked Elder Tanner for a blessing, he gave me one, and we went to bed.The next morning, the bleeding had slowed down, but had totally bled through the gauze... I figured at that point it would be a good moment to call Sister Ballard... I went out and worked on it all day, limping like a fool
, and later that night after the exchange was over, went to the urgent care center and got some stitches:) That's the first time I've got stitches since the bike accident on my chin... All is well now

 So, no need to worry, all is taken care of, and the lady in urgent care even told me I bandaged my wounds well:)In other news... so yesterday was fast Sunday and a member got up and bore his testimony about how much he enjoyed having us in his home... It was SUPER legit I'd never had that happen before. But I like this ward, everyone wants to help, and our ward mission leader even has connections to Nike:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Freak, I have waited a long time for an area with connections like this:) And we fasted with all of our ward missionaries yesterday to find a family who will get baptized, that was a cool experience!Ummm... shoes. No, I don't have any new shoes. My area is TINY, there's nothing inside it, and right now we don't have connections to drive us places My bike is still in a box... Again.... no car to take it to the member who can put it together. But, it's all good, because seriously walking is working miracles here, we've found like 10 news in 3 weeks. And I never read the Road. Thank you guys for being so diligent about the blog, it means a lot!Elder Peterson is doing good. He works hard, we get along well...  Aight.... anything else? I love you guys, hope you have a good week!Elder Travis Jorgensen!

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