Wednesday, May 20, 2015

  May 10th update
Hey guys!
So there's really not much else to update you on other than what happened yesterday... just a few conversations between Elder Mayer and I that I thought would make you smile:) So the other night, we had a late night, and didn't finish planning and whatnot until about 11... And Mayer was SUPER tired,
he was struggling to make it through the prayer... so me... being me.... I decided to say something along the lines of "bro, I'm feeling an all nighter. let's just stay up and talk"... to which he just looked at me like I was the scum of the earth and very bluntly said "go to "somewhere that is hot and eternal'  (edited for content...:).
Also, yesterday, during lunch, we got kinda bored. Aunt Heather sent me a slingshot for christmas... we live on the 3rd floor and there is a cat that hangs out kind of at the bottom of the stairs, but aways a bit. So we started shooting advils at it from our balcony.... we got kinda close but no cigar. So we decided to move in closer for the kill, and took some close range shots (we ended up hitting him and haven't seen it chilling there since:).... and that just made us feel so happy that we talked about how maybe we are gonna take the slingshot with us during the day and just do driveby shootings... for example when we see random people. or when someone who we are trying to teach runs inside and shuts the blinds to avoid talking to us:) And, of course, we wouldn't be able to resist shooting the occasional cat:) we decided that some nights we might go cat hunting... so anyways as we were driving around last night I totally could have run over one cat and then we saw like 3 others... so we decided it was a sign to go cat hunting later in the night:) and as Elder Mayer was saying a prayer before we went into a lesson, he said, "please bless that we can....." and then paused for a long time, so I said under my breath "go cat hunting.".... to which he finished by saying, "Father, you know our plans, please help us make them happen!".... we were laughing pretty hard after that!
not much else is new... just working too hard and sleeping to little... last week was the first Sunday in this area that I haven't fallen asleep at some point during church...
. If I sit down for an extended period of time with nothing to do, I fall asleep:) Aight guys that's all, love ya!

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