Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hey guys!
So.. this week was pretty bomb. Super bomb actually. Numbers wise, it
was the best week of my mission. We taught 35 lessons and found 18 new
investigators. Most days we didn't have time to take a full lunch!
Freaking the only problem is that NO ONE WILL COME TO CHURCH!!! 
That is the current frustration... Beaverton is a blessed area, there are hispanic people all over the place, but thus far we've only had 1 person to come to church... anyways... story time... so my companion and I were talking about how much we hate cats.... and I don't remember how the subject came up... but we were talking about what we'd do if we were going to propose to a girl who had a cat... (edited/deleted for content...not exactly missionary focused...:) so... those are the spiritually uplifting things that my companion and I discuss.... other than that.. nothing is really new. I'm excited to go home but I really am gonna end on a high note, I've loved the last couple of months! also.... this pic is a pretty good representation of how our morning went this morning...
we both woke up and weren't really... well... yeah. By 930 halfway through comp study mayer was sitting in his chair screaming "JORGENSEN!!!! I CAN'T DO THIS!!! WE NEED TO LEAVE!!! I NEED TO PDAY!!!!!" and of course I Had to make some smart comments such as "elder Mayer... I think we should take some extra hours of study today. Let's study until 12 and then nap for the rest of the day...
:) I love you guys! talk to you soon!

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