Sunday, May 10, 2015

so, to start off with.... we had a couple of really cool experiences this week... I already wrote Pres about them so I'm just gonna copy and paste...

Miracle. This week's miracle was pretty personal to me, a very big answer to prayers. When I was with Elder Bair, we met a LOT of really cool people who had already been through some rough patches in their lives (aka drugs, youth going to prison, alcoholism... ect.) And, although it's great that they have made it out of that phase of their lives, because they've made it through that, they don't see the need to come to know Christ anymore, He has already saved them and they are fine the way they are, because what they are is a result of what Christ did for them so they don't need to change anymore. So in my prayers lately I have been asking God to be able to find and teach someone who is in the middle of a crisis or hard time, and wants help out. This week we got a call from on of our investigators, TLTL . He called the mission office a couple of weeks ago asking for us to stop by, we ended up teaching him outside of a taco time, but that was the last we heard from him because we never knew where he lived. This week we got a call from him, he said he would be home, he told us where he lived, and he asked us to stop by. We did. During the middle of the lesson (the restoration), he told us that he was struggling with an addiction to pornography, he has had it for 5 years, and he wants to kick it. So in our second lesson with him we taught him about the enabling power of the Atonement.
How God can strengthen us to bear up our burdens and act and change our circumstances. And as we were teaching him, I was watching the gears fit into place in his mind as he applied and understood what was taught. He has a baptismal date for 
May 30th, we've fasted and are praying that it goes through.

Studies. During sweet hour of prayer yesterday, some scriptures kind of clicked into place in my mind. Elder Mayer and I had an experience this week where we were stopped and talked to by a " another religious person" he asked us some questions, and when we answered, asked us where our answers came from, and when we told him the Bible and The Book of Mormon, he told us "uhh... I'm not so sure about the Bible. I know it pretty well. You could pretty much read to my from anywhere inside it and I'd be able to tell you where you are reading... and I've never read anything about that." As Elder Mayer and I were discussing it, scriptures from the Bible came to our minds that referenced what we were talking about. So I was bugged by how stubborn and prideful that guy was. I was just kind of thinking about it during sweet hour of prayer, and I remembered all of the times that the bible says something along the lines of "seek, and ye shall find." The Book of Mormon teaches us that "God grants unto men according to their desires, whether it be unto salvation or destruction" (Alma 29:4) Which just reiterates that what we are looking for, we will find. Hence is it is important that we are always trying to do God's will, which we discern through prayer, and the scriptures we are commanded to 'pray always, that we may come off conqueror.'... So obviously that other religious person was missing key points of doctrine, because he wasn't looking for them.

So that miracle was super cool... I've been getting kind of frustrated because we've found a lot of cool people but no one is sticking it through. One of our baptismal dates fell through, the other one is being postpned.... But TLTL is super cool so our fingers are crossed on that one.
Anything else?  As far as Eric goes... their family is still in Beaverton, Eric might actually start coming to play morning sports with us. And we are about to go frisbee golfing with him. Do you still have Jose's number? that's for sure a family I want to spend time with when we come back for vacation!
I love you guys! Wes nice job vaulting bro, I'm still waiting on those pics!Enviado desde mi iPad

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