Sunday, July 12, 2015

last pday!


first of all... i am sorry this is late... we were making good time on
the hike, and we get back, and the kid who brought us had left his
lights on and the car was dead.
we were legit 10 miles off of a backroad in the middle of nowhere. so we say a prayer asking heavenly father to help us. we were parked uphill, so we decided to just coast the car in neutral, and we got several miles that way. just as we were getting to level ground again, there was a suburban that, coincidentally, around the same time we had said the prayer, got 2 flat tires right where we ended up, and they were able to jump us!
Not a suburban
so, sometimes our misfortunes can be answers to others prayers:) so the rest of this was before that am i doing... well... thats a loaded question... i love the mission. i am honestly scared to go home. not that im a stellar missionary or anything but i feel like this is all ive done. i still feel like the next year will be spent trying to motivate myself to get up in the morning, and going and getting on the grind. but at the same time i am worn down.
mayer and i are honestly working harder that i ever have before, and weve seen people come to us saying i have a pornography addiction, can you help me, or i know that God sent you to me because He knows that i need help, or another that knows without a doubt that the BOM is true, and another who freaking has had a dream where God told him that the Bom is true, so im scared to come home but also getting drained at the same time.

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