Monday, July 6, 2015

Story time! On Saturday we were driving around, and as we were turning
a corner, our car put put puttered, sputtered, and died because it ran
out of gas.
We didn't even miss a beat. There was a gas station not very far away, so I pushed and Mayer drove, we flipped a u-ey, got back onto the main road, and kept on pushing. The sketchy part was that the speed limit on that road was like 45 miles an hour, so we got over to the middle lane, and thankfully there was a slight downhill, so mayer was like scooter pushing and driving at the same time, and then I got on the passenger side and we legitimately turned our car into a scooter going 20 miles an hour in the middle of a 5 lane road. #score. And, as far as ZZZZ goes, we fasted for him this week. On Monday we had a pretty powerful lesson where he gave us his last cigarettes and started crying because of it. He told us he doesn't even want religion anymore, just God, he feels like he is on the threshold of change but doesn't have the fight left in him. So we fasted for him, and we had a lesson on Friday where he told us in a dream, he saw two outlines, with like fire around them. He heard a voice (God's voice) telling him that He had sent two warriors
to help him. Matt kept thinking who it was, and finally God told him it was us, and he saw us in the outlines. But then he still didn't come to church, so that is frustrating. But, little by little!

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