Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey Guys!
So... this week was kind of frustrating... especially yesterday.
Yesterday left a bad taste in my mouth. After PPPP FINALLY came to
church last week, we were freaking pumped to get a baptism. He works
from 12 til 9pm and has a horrible habit of sleeping in until 1130 so
teaching him is a struggle. we usually try to set up an appt at like
11 or 1030 most days... so this wee, we did, every single morning, and
every single morning between 3 and 5 am wed get a text saying he had
stayed up too late and that we should stop by later. So yesterday we
freaking said to ourselves that we were gonna see him and stopped by
before church. We woke him up, and he told us that he had been staying
up each night watching naughty videos... he relapsed. So we asked him
for the millionth time I swear if he had been reading The Book of
Mormon each day, and he said no, we asked him why not and if he
thought it could help him, and he basically told us about how the
Bible says there's a lot of false profetas.. prophets... and that The
Book of Mormon is from the devil. He didn't really want us to come
back that badly.

That was great. Do you guys remember the rude black guy I told you
about a few weeks ago?? Well... we ran into him again. In the exact
same spot. We saw him down the street coming towards us so we headed
the opposite direction to our lesson. We stopped right outside the apt
to re go over our plans. The guy took a 90 degree turn to come tell us
to get away from some guy's truck, we didn't need to be trying to
steal anything. Elder Mayer Walked a few steps away... however when he
said that it cut right into my stubborn side... I waited a few
seconds, and took like maybe a few steps away. The guy told me to move
again and I should have but I honestly just hate when people belittle
me and try to tell me what to do.
So I stood my ground. The guy said

"stay right there, Satan, I'll go tell him you are standing by his
truck and he'll come out here." (quotes aren't exact... there were a
few more swear words in between and he kept bashing on Joseph Smith.)
So I should have followed Elder Mayer's example and just stood by him
but i'll be honest I was pretty freaking pissed and did not want to do
anything this guy told me. So the black guy disappears, and a few
minutes later a fat older white dude comes screaming and yelling and
gets right up in my face, telling me to get off of his property (I'm
in the driveway in front of an apt complex) anyways... I needed to get
off of his property or he was gonna call the cops. He was 6 inches
away from my face and I thought for sure he was gonna take a swing...
But he stormed back inside yelling about how his Father's Day had been
ruined... Mayer Nd I were both pretty chapped by this point... We
waited a few seconds to calm down before knocking on LLLL and JJJJ's
door, and the black guy came walking by as we were knocking and told
us we needed to have some more respect. I told him we were trying to
teach them, and he asked what, because it wasn't salvation, Joseph
Smith didn't die to save us. And a whole bunch of other retarded
Holy cow guys. I haven't been so upset in a long time. Still

this morning I was freaking angry still. But then we discovered that
our lazy boy recliner was super dusty and took it out on the balcony
and beat the living stuffing out of it... That made me feel better:)
Other than that.... Not much else is new. Actually things are going
super well with ZZZZ He has a daughter in a correctional facility and
she has been talking with a lady 3 times a week about Morrmonism and
she wants to be baptized:) he went to the hospital this week again for
his infection, he couldn't come to church because of it...he
reminds me a lot of Trevor or Clay Nell... And Mayer says that ZZZZ
and I are exactly alike. You guys remember how I was kind of mouthy
before? Well.... I have honed that skill on my mission. I'm not sure
if it's a good skill to have or not but I can go toe to toe with just
about anybody... So Wes when I get home, watch it;)

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