Sunday, June 21, 2015

mini golf tuff guys

Hey Peeps!
Sooo.... this week was good. Nothing special that I can think of
really. We did 3 exchanges on back to back days so that was a blur. We
had pday, tuesday to wednesday was an exchange, wednesday to thursday,
and thursday to friday. by the time mayer and I got back together on
Friday afternoon... we were freaking tired. As far as the week goes,
we did a lot but not a lot happened. On tuesday afternoon right before
we started the exchange, we got a call from IIII, who was in the
hospital... he has a lot of health issues and is there a lot... so we
went to see him. The video was just him freestyling... he is freaking
funny, one of my favorite people I've ever taught. And then on Friday
after Mayer and I were back together we went and saw him, he had
gotten out of the hospital and was in his house, and his brother in
law was over, and IIII told us his brother in law could "shred us
theologically" and the guy just asked us questions for an hour, trying
to prove that Joseph Smith could have written The Book of Mormon... he
wasn't trying to prove us wrong or bash necessarily he just wanted to
know what we thought and then tell us what he thought... BUT it was
dope because IIII every once in awhile would throw in a "But what if
Joseph Smith really was a prophet?" or, "but what if The Book of
Mormon really is Another Testament of Jesus Christ?"
Not Elder Jorgensen
Elder Jorgensen
He told us he has been doing some deep digging and a lot of research, and we told him that he didn't need to look any farther than what was right in front of him. He also wants to come to church at some point... so it's all going well the only problem is that IIII takes things at his own speed. So we are just kinda waitin, gotta take things slow. OH Mom you are going to love this one, so IIII upstairs neighbor either used to be or is a gang member... the real deal. He has a couple of teardrops on his left eye, and we were talking to him a little bit, and mayer used the mediator/debtor example (the one of the guy who owed a debt but couldn't pay it so he got thrown in jail because mercy can't rob justice... and then a mediator comes in and pays the debt so both ends are happy)... so anyways, Mayer used this example with our gangster amigo and said let's say I owe you 50 dollars... and the guy just laughed... afterwards IIII told us the guy had gone to prison for beating up someone who owed him $20...
so anyways.... IIII is doing well. BBBB also made it to Church yesterday... and he said that he wants to make it next week. We reset another baptismal date with him for the 4th of July... So we're praying really hard that that one happens. I want at least one more baptism before I come home. IIII should happen sometime... but that's gonna take awhile. Anything else... I can't remember... i love you guys!

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