Sunday, June 21, 2015

So these last couple of weeks have just been roller coaster up and
down crazy... Do you remember the guy I told you about last week? we
found him on Monday before the transfer meeting, and he had already
read The Book of Mormon twice. He is so funny. Our senses of humor are
exactly the same... one night we were talking, and had kind of been
bantering like we do, and he said "we had to pick up our holy bible
and respond accordingly" and then he sent us a poem, "Jesus loves me
this I know, for the bible tells me so... little ones to him belong..
they are weak but he is strong." and then he told us to put that in
our pipes and smoke it... and me, never one to back down from a
I pulled a mister miyagi, clapped my hands together, and came up with the following "God is mighty and full of grace. you will know when you stuff your face... with his word cuz it tastes the best. come, join the feast, and be blest." keep in mind that matt is a bigger guy who really likes to eat... I told him he might need to eat some laffy taffies to get him over the heartbreak of that one... he randomly texted us another day and told us he thinks that we should get matching jesus tattoos... long story short I love the guy. He is a classic example of a pineapple,
all hard and spiny on the outside (he has a tattoo right above his left eye that says precious death), but soft on the inside! he also told us that partially due to his obesity he has an infection on his leg swelling to his groin, and asked us to keep him in our prayers. so we set up an appointment, brought our bishop with us (IIII speaks more english than spanish in case that wasn't obvious!), and we taught IIII a little about the priesthood. It was kind of hard because Matt has add and knows a lot... so one tangent of the lesson was about baptisms for the dead and how IIII could be baptized for his twin brother who died as a victim of gang violence. anyways, IIII wanted bishop to give him the blessing because he "felt a connection to him." by the end of the lesson, IIII was in tears.he told us that he knew God had sent us to him to help him out, and we tentatively set a baptismal date for the 11th of July. he accepted. The next day we got a text from him saying he doesn't think he is going to be baptized, we went over and talked to him, he didn't really want to talk doctrine or religion too much... and we've tried to set up another appointment but he told us he needs to rest all of this week. We think that because he felt the Spirit penetrate his tough guy shell... he is scared now. Super freaking frustrating. we fasted for him yesterday. On tuesday, the day after we first met IIII, we met another guy named BBBB who has also already read The Book of Mormon. Tuesday after pday was rough, we just talked to a bunch of jerkish white people.
845 came around and nothing had really happened, we were both kinda mad, we were gonna knock on a few more doors and go home. as we were walking there was a white guy, or at least it looked like he was, cleaning out his car. I will be honest, when we saw him, I really really REALLY did not want to talk to him, but we did, and some of the first words out of his mouth were "yeah, I've already read The Book of Mormon." and he was feeling super sick too, but he said he had just "randomly" felt like going and cleaning out his car, something he had needed to do for months. We have an appt with him Thursday, freaking hopefully... The other up down part is GGGG. We've taught the guy like everything except for tithing and a couple of other principles from PMG lesson 5. he knows it's all true. the problem HAD been that he couldn't get work off. He says the closing prayer every lesson and every time asks that he can get work off so that he can come to church. Well, Sunday he got work off. And what did he do? went to a party with a friend, So all in all we are seeing A TON of cool miracles finding people, more than I've ever seen in my mission, and it's because we are praying for them and working for them. But it seems like after God gives them to us, we don't go anywhere with them, that's the frustrating part. I love these people. I want them to draw closer to Christ. I know the Gospel can change their lives, and it is really pushing me to see all of these cool experiences and not be able to take them anywhere!
So... that's been our week! Hopefully someone, or a lot of someones, will come to church this week!

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