Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This is a picture of my face after my ice cold shower yesterday (Monday in Mexico City) at 2 AM... that violated so many laws of nature

Hola familia!!!
I am in the States, in the field, and ready to work!!!!!! Our plane got in yesterday about 2:45, and by 330 we were driving off to get to our transfer meeting to meet our new companions!! My new companion is Elder Cooper, age 21 from Utah. We have been getting along pretty well so far. He reminds me of Jonah and Dillon kinda. I got my tote with all my stuff in it. My area is XXXXX, and we have a car. Although, it is a ghetto car. We went to close the trunk after loading our stuff in yesterday, and it wouldn't freaking close!!! It had been working fine before, but apparently I am bad luck because it was not functioning. We tried for like an hour to get it, to no avail. Finally we bungee corded it shut, and going over curbs with it is super fun!! We have to get it fixed soon though because apparently within a week or so it's gonna start pouring again... oh well.
Our apartment is pretty nice. I'm digging on having warm water, carpet, and clean water. AND not hearing 8 million dogs or gunshots erry night, and not having to wrap myself in a cocoon to avoid getting eaten alive. Although it must be something about how the people in Portland like to have their showers, because this thing shoots a very concentrated blast of water... but it's warm so I can dig it.
Mom I don't think you need to worry about me getting fed dinner. Elder Cooper says the Espana's take good care of us, and my dinner last night was delicious. It was sticky rice with breaded fish, shrimp, calamari, and pasta. It was so stinking good. And the dessert was some kind of heavenly cake... MMMM.
The members who fed us are less actives who are coming back. They also had one of their friends over, who apparently has been an investigator for a long time. He has had a million different baptismal dates fall through because he doesn't believe in the BOM (Book of Mormon). I got to share a spiritual thought with him about the importance of faith and how without it we can't do anything. And apparently the members liked it because they called today and invited us back tomorrow. But it was a good confidence booster because there were 3 other Elders there and they all said for just having got to the field my Spanish is pretty good.
I don't have a picture of Elder Cooper and I together yet, we haven't taken one, but I do have some pictures of my apartment, it's pretty nice, not as sketchy as I feared.
I have already heard some pretty crazy stories about investigators and stuff here. Apparently in another apartment in a different area, the Elders there used to have like a witch living under them. They said there were like chicken bones and stuff hanging in her window, and weird stuff would happen such as windows opening and closing on their own, they would randomly get really sick, and their stuff would go missing and then reappear...eventually that lady got kicked out because she freaked everybody out... but yeah, I am in the field:) I am excited to go to work teaching people!! Elder Cooper says we will have to do some door knocking because our area has only been open 6 weeks and we don't have a lot of contacts... but that is ok, I like it.
So I have decided that I just want stuff sent to the mission home and then forwarded to me. I don't really want to have to worry about updating my new addresses, I think it would be just as easy to get stuff from the mission home. Is that alright with you guys? Could you post my mission home address on FB??
Alright I think that's it for now!! I love you guys, keep me in your prayers!!

Elder Jorgensen

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