Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 5 update from Mexico City:  Let it never be said that Elder Travis Jorgensen does NOT have an awesome personality... here are his latest anecdotes from south of the border...

The food here is good, but, sometimes we feel that it lacks a little authenticity, probably because it is cooked here and we don't really consider this Mexico... just a little Oasis:) So, we had been wanting some authentic tacos del calle (street tacos) for awhile... we just lacked the means to get them. Last Monday (2 mondays ago), we were in our house at the same time as the guy who cleans it... so Elder Parrish went up to him and asked him if he could get us some tacos del calle, and the dude said yes!!!! He could get us however many we wanted for 10 pesos a piece, and said he could  have them to us Tuesday morning by 8. So, naturally, we each bought 2, and waited with patience for Tuesday morning to arrive. It did, and with it, OUR STREET TACOS!!!! They were cold, because the guy had had to buy them the night before, and they were pretty small, but DANG that is the best meal I have had here. My district is legendary!!!!                                                                                                                            

 We have discovered the most addictive thing here at the CCM.... trading ties!!!! Simply put it is the greatest thing life has to offer here. We had one in our house on 
 Monday night, and 40 people showed up!!! It was a beautiful, beautiful thing...

Mexican Hair cut!!! I actually got this last week after I emailed you guys, we got haircuts as a district, all except for Elder ****, he didn't want his hair getting butchered... soooo.... yeah

Elder Jorgensen's time in Mexico City is dwindling fast.  He will update us when he finally gets to Portland.
So, until next weekish....Hasta la Vista..


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