Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 8.  Pictures computer and parent not grooving, so only a couple this week...Here's Elder Jorgensen:

It's been a busy week with not much happening here in Beaverton Oeste!! 

Elder Cooper and I are working super hard to try to find new people to teach. We spent 20 hours knocking, and of those 20 hours I finally got to teach a brief first lesson to a lady on her doorstep. Her name is XXXX and she is pretty interested, she asked us if she could come with us to Church, and wants to keep coming, although she said she might not have enough time for us to teach her until December... which is slightly frustrating.

  I also placed my first Book of Mormon with her, which was ironic because we found out later that she can't read... but oh well. Other than that we don't have much happening... Mom as for what you said about making sure we are full with a love of the Gospel, I agree that that is a good thing. But another important aspect of the work is members. People are more likely to get taught when the members invite the missionaries and a friend/friends over and have the missionaries teach the lesson than the missionaries could teach alone. And it's so freaking true. People hardly ever let us in when we knock their door, and none of our members have references for us, so we aren't getting much done. But if we could team up with the members with references that they give us, things would be a lot more successful.

So we have portal time for an hour every week, which is just time to get on a computer and look at videos and stuff on, and it is pretty sweet. I have found some pretty good videos. The first one is called Extraordinary gift and it's about a kid who is blind but tears it up when he plays the piano. The second is called A Secure Anchor and it uses analogies to rock climbing, so that is obviously a win. The third is a series of 3 short videos called Patterns of Light by David Bednar, those are all good. and fourth is another series of 3 short videos by D. Todd Christopherson, called Daily Bread, and those are probably my favorites. And I was just reminded of a pretty good Devo I heard in the CCM too... I don't really remember who it was by or that much about it except that he talked about when we are talking with people and testifying to them and inviting them, we need to have a testimony of that which we are preaching. He then gave us 5 easy questions to ask in our personal prayers, kneeling, that night, about things that we have been brought up believing, but probably never found out for ourselves about.
1. God, do you really exist? Are you really there?
2. Do you really have a body of flesh and bones?
3. Are you really my father?
4. Do you know who I am?
5. Do you love me?
I did it that night and just felt so peaceful and also slept super well, which didn't happen too much in Mexico... and I feel like that would be a good thing to challenge the youth of the ward to do.
Let's see... what else is new.... Oh Elder Cooper and I found some ants in our apartment the other day. That was fun. We had the whole place cleaned up and vacuumed in like 10 minutes... it was pretty great. If you guys haven't noticed yet, I now have a part in my hair. It's a mission rule... Not much else is new. We are trying to get a phone book so we can get some definite addresses to knock instead of driving around looking for houses because we are running out of places to knock. But we aren't giving up!!!!!
Oh as for stuff I need... the next time you send me a package, could you not send so much junk food porfas (por favor:) It's picky I know, but if you send it, then I eat it, and if I eat it, I might not work it all off:) Thanks guys I love you and miss you tons!!
Elder Travis Jorgensen

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