Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sorry, today was a crappy pday 
and we wasted all of our time so this is just a straight copy and paste of what I wrote pres. Hey President! This last week of our training I am going to have him step it up quite a bit. I'm pretty much just going to act like I'm a greenie and don't know what is going on so that he can start taking lead in lessons and talking to people. I have talked with him about stepping up and helping more and that doesn't seem to get anywhere... so I'm going to give this a try. A-Area. We both know that Milwaukie had some TERRIBLE numbers this week. However, there is a pretty good reason for it, and that is because this week in Milwaukie we had ourselves an Ammon experience
We spent almost our whole week, literally from Monday to Friday, helping BBBB HHHHHH move. He is the white guy who Elder Soriano and I found last week in Moreland because the Spirit put us right in his path. So anyways, when we started helping him move this week we thought it was just gonna take a few hours, he made it sound like there was nothing too crazy and it would all be quick.

WRONG. He hurt his back 25 years ago and has practically been bedridden ever since, but before that, he used to be a car mechanic. So from Monday until Wednesday we were moving car stuff into his car. Such as a 1000 lb car hoist, and a 600 lb air compressor, and the largest toolbox I have ever seen in my life.
Objects in picture may be bigger than they appear...
Those items alone took several hours apiece. Thankfully, Elder Christiansen and Elder Ballard of Moreland were there otherwise there would have been no feasible way of moving those things. So by halfway through Wednesday we were done with the car stuff, and we thought he was getting evicted that night, and the way he made it sound was like inside of his house he just had a few boxes all packed up and ready to go. Once again, WRONG! Like I previously mentioned, he just barely started walking again 6 months ago, and before that he had been bedridden for 25 years. His house was DISGUSTING.
not his actual house. visual effects only.
I can honestly say it was the grossest thing I have ever seen. Imagine those tv shows about hoarders, but worse. It was so bad because while he had been sick, he had had several different roommates, and none of them had taken care of the place. One of them had 28 cats,
no cats were harmed in the taking of this picture...
and one of the most pungent odors was that of cat urine. As we were moving some boxes around, we found 2 of the 28 cats. Both of which were dead in between some boxes and by the looks of it had been dead longer than I have been alive. So... I don't think I need to describe too much further in detail, I think you get the picture(but, some of the longest and hottest showers of my life were taken after getting home on those days, and we also washed our clothes 2 or 3 times.) The kicker is that no one came to evict him until Friday. So every day we would help and every day there would be more to do, and we couldn't just leave him, so we helped him out. On top of that, he doesn't know where he is going. Just somewhere in Encinitas, California. Today Elder Soriano, the Moreland Elders, and I fasted that he makes it there ok and that once he does he can make contact with the Church, because there is no way he will be able to unload all of that stuff by himself. The crazy part is that HHHHH is the most prepared person to receive the Gospel that I have ever met. We taught him about the Atonement and the first 2 lessons, and he says he wants to be baptized and receive the Priesthood. The challenge for me was to still be able to look at him the same way after we got inside of his house. Trying to see him like God sees him
by the time Friday came around put me to the test. So that is why our numbers were so low, because we were there every day for most of the day from Monday until Friday. But I know it was supposed to happen because God set it up, and it just felt right. M-Miracle. I think the story I just told was a miracle, the fact that we pretty much got him all packed up by Friday. P-Personal. I am doing good. S-Studies. This week with our recent convert we read Ether 12 and faith (surprising, right?) stuck out to me a lot, especially when it comes to miracles. Something that Elder Cooper taught me is that even when the miracle we are asking for makes perfect sense, we still need to have faith that it can happen. Like Alma the Younger's parents praying for him to turn around...
that is a logical thing to pray for, but the scriptures still point out that Alma the Younger's dad had faith as he prayed about it. E-Exchange. This week on Thursday we did an exchange with the Wilsonville Elders, Elder Laing and Elder Richardson. I went to Wilsonville with Elder Laing and Elder Richardson came here. It was such a good exchange, Elder Laing was my MTC companion and I really haven't gotten to serve around him until this transfer. He is a hard working, obedient, funny, good missionary. We taught a few lessons together and halfway through one of them I realized we weren't using the pamphlets, so I pulled it out and started teaching from it, and I think it helped. Alright President I love you! Thanks for all you do! Elder Jorgensen Ok guys sorry you are the best, Wes I'll get you a letter his week, this might be my last week in Milwaukie but we will see.

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