Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey guys!!!
Things are going good, Karla got baptized and confirmed this week, I got to confirm her. She has been worried since she accepted the date pretty much that she wouldn't feel the Spirit or anything when it happened, but she was bawling both after the baptism and confirmation. Probably the coolest part though was that for the baptism, Jose, Luz, and Lupe Salazar came to see it to say hi to me. So I had to give the talk on the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and at the end I asked Jose to come up and bear his testimony, and I translated it into English. The Spirit was pretty strong. Other than that... Elder Soriano and I once again have the need to find new investigators... 

Mom, I have some news that might make sending music easier. Pres Ballard has approved the use of Ipods in the mission... so there is my very first ipod, dad that 2 gig that I gave to you awhile ago... do you guys think you could load it up with goodness and send it to me? The music rules are SUPER chill now... pretty much as long as it doesn't drive the Spirit away, then it is ok...
I'm trying to think of if there is anything new to catch you guys up on. I did an exchange this week with and Elder from California... he is a greenie, and he knew spanish before the mish so he hasn't even been away from home a month yet... For the first 30 minutes as we drove back to Milwaukie, all he was doing was talking about "all of the things he's about in the mission" and his views on rules and whatnot... At one point I wanted to say to him, bro, you ain't even been away from home a month yet, you haven't had TIME to figure out what you're about... but, I didn't! You guys would be proud of me!

I love you guys! You're the best!

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