Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Transfers are the 21s or 22nd, whatever day happens to be Monday, so potentially I am coming down to the last couple of weeks here in Milwaukie. I am preparing myself to stay though, because last time when I stayed and thought I was leaving it was hard to swallow. I'll keep you guys posted.
Aight, so just so I can make sure, all of the music on the Ipod does NOT have to be Church Music.
When I was listening to music the other day with Cooper he had some OneRepublic on, as in Apologize, Feel Again, and some stuff off of their newest album. A good guideline to follow is that as long as it doesn't swear and doesn't talk about sex, there shouldn't be a problem! I'm begging you guys... hook me up!
President Ballard is all about using our mission as a time to form habits that we will be able to use for the rest of our lives.
As far as the fast for Eric went, supposedly it went pretty good. I was talking to him on FB on Saturday and it was kind of a hard convo for me to have, I asked him if he could go back to when he first started talking to Coop and I if he still would, he told me he didn't know, and he also told me he wanted to go inactive sometimes. But fasting was also his idea and apparently Coop talked to him yesterday and it was a good convo. I don't know the deets yet but when Coop and I fast together, good things usually happen.
Mom you never told me how it was talking with Karla?

Ummmmmmm... is there anything else? I love you guys... we just played a game of ping sting except instead of smacking a ping pong ball at them, we chucked a tennis ball at each other:) I went undefeated for 6 rounds and then we all were kind of tired of playing... I have an AWESOME pic I'll try to send later.
Love you guys!
Elder Jorgensen!

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