Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hey guys!! Happy new year!!! weird weird weird...
so the biggest freaking news of all is that WARENSKI IS FREAKING ENGAGED!!!!!
HE IS PROBABLY GONNA BE MARRIED BEFORE I GET HOME!!!!! WHAT THE $%@^#%$#%#^@!!!!!!!!!  He straight proposed to his fiance on New Year's eve, and supposedly they are gonna get married on freaking May 9th!!!! That has thrown me for a loop, a hard loop. I must have said "wow. freaking warenski is getting married" at least 50 times. sometimes, to quote cooper, all that can be said is "what the hey" And freaking Coop goes home in like 3 months. just wow. my mind has been blown.
 I have to give a training and practice at zone meeting tomorrow,
Sorry this took so long to send... I just got busy today. And Warenski is engaged.... freaking freaking freak.  Mann is well, the area is well, this last week was just kinda slow which I'll be honest it was nice because not everything was happening at a million miles an hour. I gotta go, but I love you guys!! have a good week!
Oh... And in other news.. HAIRCUT!!!

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