Sunday, January 18, 2015

I have come to a conclusion about something... and that conclusion is that this area is the most stressful area of my mission as far as just crazy things happening all the freakin time! 
Example number 1.... guess what I did last night? Freaking was at the hospital from 10 pm until 7 am... yes, you read that right. One of the recent converts in the area has a diabetic foot ulcer that is infected, and it has been making her progressively more and more sick. Yesterday, we went to take the Sacrament to her, (she stayed home because of her foot,) so we freaking walk in, and she is walking around her apt, with her oozing foot wound, BAREFOOT!!!! there was blood EVERYWHERE!!!!! she said she had a fever of 102, and a whole bunch of other stuff... So we told her that she freaking needs to see a doctor, and she said she would go later because her husband works the graveyard shift and she had to take him to work at 10. We didn't want her to be alone in the ER all night, because we were a little worried that she might lose her foot, so we went and hung out with her. I guess I can check that one off the bucket list of things that I never thought would happen on my mission. I also decided that it'd be ok with me if I never have to go to an emergency room ever again... they're not as fun as I remember.
The other sad part about yesterday is Ester, the lady we helped moved my first week here and this week. We stopped by her to teach her, hopefully the Restoration, but when we walked in, we could tell she was stressed. It turns out that she got that apartment by a miracle (she had like no money so we aren't quite sure what deal was made or what...) Anyways, as a result of getting the apt without having much money to pay for it, by next month she owes 2 months rent or something, and one of her friends stole her credit card and spent all the money she had saved up, and at her job currently, she works like 20 hrs a week, minimum wage. So both of those situations were hard because I couldn't do anything in either one of them...
On the upside... I didn't get out of bed until like 1 in the afternoon today....:D :D :D that felt SO FREAKIN GOOD!!!!! 
The other upside to this is that my comp and I are pretty good friends. I'm glad we're comps because when things just get freaking stressful we handle it pretty well, there is always a joke to be had or something to lift us up in one form or another.
Ok rereading this I realize I sound like a whiney little girl... I really am doing well, that's just like the major update so I figured I'd fill you guys in on la vida loca.
Randomly, Dad are you saving all the pics I send you guys? I just gotta make sure because... I take my pics seriously.

Alright fam I think that's all, I love ya, I hope you have a good new year! Can you believe it's almost 2015?? Aka... THE YEAR I COME HOME!!!!
Love, Elder Travis David Jorgensen

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