Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hey guys!!!
I'm sorry to hear about grandma B...
that is sad news but at the same time a testimony strengthener about the plan of Salvation. Wes, I already told you, but I'm sorry about your migraines, bro. Those suck. Please keep me updated on those, I'm keeping you guys in my prayers.

So my new area is FREAKING STACKED!!!!!!!! My companion and I were walking around in the promised land last night, a HUGE apt complex that is LOADED, and we saw a family unloading their truck of moving stuff.
They just arrived in the states YESTERDAY, so we helped them unload and shared a Christmas message with them, there were like 5 of them so we just off the bat got 5 new investigators. Freaking MIRACLE. There are already baptismal dates set, oh my new area is Tigard by the way. So my new comp is Elder Mann, he is from California, I was his district leader in Milwaukie his first transfer out. He got to serve in Sandy, the lucky fetcher. He is 18 and has a scholarship to Princeton
to play football after the mish. He is a HARD worker and we have been getting along pretty well. I love Elder Jessen and we will be lifelong friends, but the work was freaking slow. So being back Spanish, in a stacked area, with a hard working comp... Im very very very excited.
However, I was sad to leave Evergreen. That is a good ward and I got very close with a lot of people there. Dad, I have come to a conclusion, I like your ties more than any of my other ones, and because of that I give them away to people that I get super close to. For example, the member that I told you about that Elder Peterson and i ran into, who spoke spanish, we had a good lesson with him on Thursday and connected a lot. He told us that the harder he tries to have the Spirit in his life, the more opposition he sees. So dad I tried to hang on to that tie but I just had to give it to him.
This is my new address... I'm not quite sure the ZIP but the city is Tigard. It's a pretty big area again so please in your prayers ask that I can get to know the area... I am also still a district leader (not sure why) but.... yeah...:)
Alright anything else? I love you guys, let me know if there is anything I can do for ya!
Elder Travis Jorgensen!

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