Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hey guys! So Thanksgiving was the freaking bomb, Sister Salazar went HAM and made Turkey, Ham, Chicken, Rice, beans, and spaghetti!
Not the actual meal, but you get the idea...
I ate so fetching much, and Elder Jessen liked it too! It was funny because the  next night we got taken out to eat at Baja Fresh and Elder Jessen ordered some taquitos and rice, and after we finished he told me that now that he's had real mexican food he will never be able to go back.
Ok actually today has been dope. One of our investigators bought us breakfast, and then for zone pday we went to play laser tag
and a member payed for our whole zone to play 2 games, which cost upwards of 200!

Mom I don't think I will need the long johns
. Rumor has it that in 2 weeks I'm heading back to the spanish world...
I don't knowh what else to tell you guys. Yesterday was my 16 month mark, that hit me during sacrament meeting that 2/3 of my mission is gone..... I only have 8 months left...
Sorry guys it really was just a slow week. But next week I should go to nike...
I freaking hope so this nike trip has been a long time coming! Anything else? I love you guys!
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