Wednesday, December 24, 2014

HEY GUYS!!! So I just had the greatest pday of my mission... NIKE!!! FREAK YES!!!!!!!
Legitimately, I think I had a spiritual experience inside of that store! I walked in and it felt like I was coming home. It was fantastic I got some good hoodies, shirts, shorts, and FANTASTIC fly knit frees. And also some shades...  For you guys sending me something, I'd say wait until after transfers. As for the bike, I will try to leave it with a member here. But really there is no way of knowing exactly what will happen until it happens. I promise, I will not just leave the bike around, I will take care of it.
Tell you about our investigators... We really don't have that many.. so it's a good and a bad thing that we get along so well. We get in a ton of fights over stuff like that but we're never mad for too long. We butt heads A LOT!!!!! It has made me question how stubborn of girls I will want to date when I get home...
Anyways, even though Elder Jessen is stuggling, I love him a lot.
Alright, I also am struggling with something else that I would appreciate if you guys kept in your prayers. I miss girls, A LOT!! .  so that's my mini vent, girls are freaking getting me off my game some days.
We had a cool experience happen on Saturday. We haven't had a district meeting in a few weeks, people have been sick. But we got one on Saturday because we have an Elder going home next week. So it was my turn to give the training and practice, and I just gave it on having effective prayers. We have been having lots of trainings on ipads lately and I feel like if I were a new missionary I would know how to use the ipads but I wouldn't know how to be a missionary. So I took it back to the basics, and so the practice part was just saying a 20 minute prayer by ourselves. When we got back together, the spirit was STRONG! There are just 6 of us and we are all Elders, but one was crying and the rest of us were all very sober. It was just powerful and good things happened in all of our areas the rest of that day.
Alright I think that's all guys, did I miss anything? I love you, have a good week!

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