Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Re: Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!

Hey guys!!!

This week was freaking... crazy... ridiculous. Allow me to give a few examples. Thursday and friday (yes, both days) we got phone calls from random phone numbers and it ended up being English members in need of blessings. The first one was a man who had just had his appendix out, and then had a stroke.... and then the next day was a sister who found out her boyfriend had cheated on her, and had like suicidal depression... so that was hard to be around, but it really drove home the importance of being worthy to use the priesthood whenever it's necessary... Although in all sincerity I was kind of shaken up after that second one.
And then Saturday was straight LOCO!!!! There is a member of the branch whose husband died recently, and she is moving back to Arizona, and getting evicted from her apt. So on Saturday we were planning on moving her stuff at 2, and at 1 she called us and said she didn't have a truck. So we called everyone under the freaking sun trying to find one, and the best we could do was a set of elders with a mini van, so we freaking had to switch vehicles with them and make like 3 trips in the mini van.... and then we got home from that and had locked our apt, the elders with our car had the keys, which meant that I had to scale up to our second story apt and break in the back door... #beastmode.... Rereading this it doesn't sound like that thrilling of a week, but it was crazy, little things just happened.
I did get the package this morning, thanks guys. As far as skyping goes, yes I'm planning on Skyping, but we don't have the when quite figured out yet... probably sometime around 1, but I'll keep you posted... we have to find a member to go with because my comp's ipad doesn't work for skyping... that's about all I know!
I love you guys and hope you have a good week, remember that package can't be opened until I'm present on skype!

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